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During the month of April, the podcast will be coming out on Wednesdays.

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This is the tool you see at the bottom of the screen. As a member of the school of podcasting you get this script FOR FREE. If you want to purchase it, its $47 HERE.

I've used this to point people to my iTunes link, as well as have people sign up for my newsletter. You could also point it to increase followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc. The best thing is you can have “groups” of ads, and rotate them on different sites. It's very cool, and to top it off you can check stats to see how many times an ad was clicked.

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Best Reasons to Podcast ~ Exactly 8 reasons why Podcasting brings me, and can bring you, a critical business (and profit) advantage.
Rapid Podcast Production Techniques ~ 7 secrets to producing profitable Podcasting content in the fastest possible time (a.k.a. “Repurposing”).
Podcast Marketing Fast-tracks ~ 9 marketing channels for the Podcasters … and how to leverage each one.
Discover the Roadmap ~ Learn The 6-Step Podcast Monetization Roadmap ~ Navigate your way down this most profitable of roads … without the embarassing side trips and detours.
Your Audience – Uncovered ~ Part-the-curtain on the listening habits of your audience, and get the knowledge that produces profitable audience action.
Your Podcast And Your Business ~ At least 5 things, you can implement today that will integrate your Podcast content into your business structure … and see results almost instantly.
From Listening to Acting ~ 7 steps to getting your Podcast audience to take the very actions you want them to take.

Keeping Listeners Subscribed

Lin Pearson chimes in with a great comment on what makes a great podcast (and what causes her to unsubscribe).

Here is what she is looking for in a podcast:

Under 30 minutes
Giver her an outline of what they are going to cover
Personal but not self indulgent
Make her feel good
The host is humble (even though experienced)
Natural and Conversational

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Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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