The holidays are upon us. How will you meet all those family obligations and still meet your publishing schedule? I've got a trick for you as I prepare to move to a new location. You can record multiple podcast episodes and then time release them so you can attend to your other holiday duties while your website updates itself. Cool eh?

Last 5 in 5 – What were the last Five Podcasts you Listened to?

This week's last five in five podcast review comes from DJ City of the Japan Experience. Which features Jpop, Jrock and Travel in Japan.

5. English News – NHK Japan Radio World News
4. School of podcasting
3. TWIT – Leo Leporte:The Tech Guy
2. The Podcaster Studio
1. Amateur Radio “Newsline” Report

Keep up the good work, enjoy the episodes.

PS I have no idea what you are doing but Beyondpod is loving your show
don't have the audio jumping right ear to left ear anymore.

Ron M
AKA DJ City of TJX: The Japan Xperience

Podcasting Statistics

Wizzard Media (the parent company to put out a press release that the number of people signing up for Podcasting services is up 30% over last year. On the Power of Podcasting show I talk about how Pat Flynn ( a successful blogger without podcasting) grew his audience by 19% when he started his podcast. The number way new people found him was not Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, it was iTunes and his PODCAST. These LISTENERS, are now READERS of his blog.

Has Podcasting Lost it's “Umph”?

Quick answer: No. It used to be news when someone launched a podcast. Now it would be like writing a press release when a musician launches a new CD. That's what they do. If you are an entertainer of some sort (Comedian, Author, Opinionist) and you want to reach a GLOBAL audience, then podcasting is for you. This week I spoke with people from Russia, Scotland, Canada, etc. Having a podcast is now just expected from people who want to get the word out about their subject, product, services, etc.

Ultimate Microphone Shoot Out

I just found out about a website if you are looking to purchase some Podcasting gear. You can hear different podcasting microphones, and then contact me for pricing.

Was that Planned?

No today's microphone comparison with the Eletrovoice RE320 and the Audio Technica 3035 was not planned, but when my Space heater kicked on (I thought I had set it to not come on), I decided to roll with it.

Future Publishing Your Podcast

It's the holiday season and we have to fulfill all sorts of family duties, work Christmas parties, etc. How do we keep our publishing schedule? By recording a few episodes ahead of schedule (every green content is good for this), you can go into the post and change the publishing date from immediately and change it to a future date. This will change the button text from “Publish” to “Schedule.” Now you can record a few episodes recorded, and they will be “time released.”

Are You Ready To Start a Podcast?

I worked with Rob Chazz Chute  one day, and the next day he was in iTunes. We have step by step tutorials, consulting, equipment sales, support. Everything you need to start a podcast is here. Please quit wasting your time looking for alternatives.




Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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