Today we talk with Scott Johnson of the Computer Tutor podcast. We see how podcasting can be used to keep your name in front of your current and future customers. In the news we hear some great stats about podcasting vs blogging. We also hear about some new podcasts you might want to check out. We also have some tips about making money with your podcast, as well as a tip for those using youtube.

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Last 5 in 5 With Steve Stewart

Today's last 5 in 5 from Steve Stewert from the MoneyPlan Sos podcast

1. Cash Car Convert

2. Create My Independence

3. YNAB Podcast (You Need a Budget). Check out the software.

4, Under the Influence (Marketing)

5. The Libsyn Podcast (The Feed)

Podcast Rewind[8:55]

Podcasts App Coming to i OS 8 

For every podcast, there is 1,900 blogs on the subject (Per Rob Walch Vice President of Podcast Relations at

Congrats to Amateur Traveler on their Award (here Chris on a previous episode)

Growing Your Audience Podcaster's Roundtable

My Appearance on the Purpose Rockstar Podcast

People find you when you appear on other podcasts.

Kathy Kelly from Special Mouse found some sponsorS who are perfect for her audience.

Scott Johns Computer Tutor Interview[23:15]

Scott had a thunderstorm going through his city so we connected via skype on his phone (not his computer). I was surprised on how good he sounded via his phone. It didn't sound as good as a traditional microphone via a computer, but it didn't sound like a traditional “phone.”

You want to give them life changing content in whatever format they want. Scott provides a weekly newsletter, but he also delivers his information via a podcast.

Scott hopes to teach you a small tip that you didn't know

He will do shows that are topical if technology is in the news.

His podcast has brought him new customers.

Scott recently added a “get to know Scott segment at the end of his show

Video Promotion Tips 51:15

You can now add links to your website and/or itunes on your youtube videos.


Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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  1. Thanks, Dave. Good episode.

    Good luck with the move. My muscles get kinda sore just thinking about it.


  2. Shawn says:

    What’s the name of that band that does that “One, Two, Three” song. I remember hearing that one way back in like 2005 or 2006 but can’t remember the name of the group.

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