Today we are talking about the most efficient and effective way to make money from the influence you build with your podcast. That method is selling your own product or service. We also talk about how to shut down a podcast.

How Do I Shut Down My Show?

Mark Wade has decided to shut down after 6 years. He had the following questions.

  1. When I cancel Libsyn will my past shows still be available for people to still listen at my website or through iTunes or does Libsyn delete your past shows (mp3’s)?

No. So if you want to keep it up you can downgrade to the $5 a month plan ($7 if you want basic download stats)

  1. Is there anything I need to do to keeping the website up and running

Pay your hosting bills, and every now and then login and make sure there are no plugins/themes that need updated on your website (if you're using WordPress). Also be sure to pay the bill on the domain name.

  1. If I decided to start the show up a few years from now is there anything I should do now to make that come back easier?

Like keeping the website address renewed every year.

Just keep paying the web bill, and your domain. To make that cheaper buy hosting by the year instead of month to month.

Some people do a “Farewell” show and let people know the show is coming to an end. Others just say you're going on hiatus (and then never come back). Some people say nothing and the audience figures it out later that no new episodes are coming.

In the end of you don't keep the domains and the hosting paid for, the system will break.

Opportunity Knocks When Your Audience Asks the Same Question Multiple Times

My friend Erik K. Johnson who produces the Podcast Talent coach, and on his show he has spoken about doing interviews and a listener of his asked if there was a definitive book on being and interviewer. Erik states that he has looked and while there are books on Radio that have pieces about interviewing but there is no book that people can say that is THE BOOK on interviewing. For me, I think “Erik needs to write this.” Erik has 25+ years in radio and has interviewed some great musicians and entertainers and has some great insights. Erik also does a show with me called the Podcast Review show. If you want some constructive feedback on your show, sign up today at

Writing a book is not easy, but it is simple. All you need to do is

1. Pick a topic

2. Outline the topic into sub topics

3. Expand those topics

4. Find an editor

5. Get a cover designed.

The Most Effective and Profitable Way to Make Money With Your Podcast

Through you podcast your audience:

1. Adds you to their routine when you publish at the same time. They rely on you to be there. This establishes trust.

2. When you bring value, they enjoy having you around. They like you.

3. When you share a bit about yourself they get to know you. Let your personality seep into your show. This allows them to know you.

When they know, like, and trust you and you come out with a product that fits a need they have, you can leverage that relationship into dollars.

Dave's book is More Podcast Money.

Systems You Can Use To Sell Digit Products charges 5% of the sale +.25 cents. Great customizable buttons. They don't allow you to take paypal without paying $5 a month (but you can take credit cards). – 5% and you can take a number of payments. I'm not a huge fan of their buttons (not very customizable). – 5% + .25 Allow you to do a “you name the price” product. They do not accept paypal (but you can take credit cards).

Spotlight Artist Raymond Good Job Search that Works [24:49]

Ray's sight looks pretty cool. If you want to know what WordPress theme someone is using check out

Ray is using Elegant Themes on this website.

Ray is someone who can help people be more effective at finding a job. His free podcast provides great insights into helping you find a job, switch jobs, etc. We listen to Ray's first episode and its very polished. I played his first and last episode. Its very subtle but Ray had some reverb on his voice on the first show and now he doesn't. I'm on show 438 and I know show 500 will have improvements over 438. Keep in mind you don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. Check out Ray's show at


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