Linking to Your Show on Google Podcasts App

Google announced their new podcasts app is out yesterday. It's a simple app that Android owners can user to listen to podcasts.

If you haven't take the steps to get your show in the Google App, I talk about that here.

But if you're in Google Podcasts, how do you link to it?

Google has provided some brand assets and graphics here

If you want some talking point about the new app and want to talk about it on your podcast they have provided some talking points here. For example, they say:

  • Easy – Google Podcasts makes it easier than ever to listen to all the world’s podcasts on Android.
  • Smart – so it pays attention to what you like, giving you AI-powered recommendations for new stuff you haven't discovered yet.
  • Cross-device — Works out of the box in Google Search and the Google Assistant, so you can pause and pick up where you left off across devices.
  • Get the app for free on Google Play.
  • Looking into the future, audio is going to be a first-class citizen throughout Google.

Where Can I Create A Google Podcasts Link to My Show?

You can go to and enter your RSS feed. This will give you a link to your show

Here is my Link to the School of Podcasting on Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts App - School of Podcasting

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