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Participants in Today's Episode:

Brandon B (future podcaster)

Chris from Podcastic Audio (Prefers a 1-hour podcast)

York from Welcome to Earth Stories (reminds podcasters to pick a consistent length)

Paul from Pass ACLS Top of the day (prefers 20-minute episodes)

Todd from Guardian Down Cast, The Destiny Help Desk  (expects 1-2 hours per episode).

Kim Newlove from The Pharmacists Voice ( prefers 8-17 minute episodes)

Eric Alton-Glenn Hilliard from White Collared and Steel Watching (doesn't have a preference)

Sarah Clark from Kind Leadership Challenge (shares that the content fits the episode)

Thanks for Mark Vinet from the History of North America for the question.

Conclusion Regarding Podcast Length for the Podcast Listener

As we heard today, some people like 8-minute episodes, and others won't listen unless it is close to two hours. Some choose the episode length to correspond with an action (like a commute, walking outside, doing the dishes). I like episodes that are around 20 minutes, but one of my favorite shows puts out two three-hour shows a week. (And because its information I can't get any place else, I listen, and it takes me a few attempts to get through the whole episode).

So instead of making an episode for your audience, what size of podcast fits YOUR life? So many people start a podcast and then attempt to squeeze their life into their podcast schedule. This is backward. Pick a schedule that fits your LIFE, and then squeeze the podcast into your LIFE.

The length of the podcast should be as long as it needs to be, and no longer. Those that like that length will listen, and those that don't won't (but as shown above – for good content, people may “bend their listening rules.”). I've listened to five-minute podcasts that felt like an hour. I've listened to an hour-long podcast that felt like five minutes.

Ultimately, the bottom line is don't be boring and don't waste the listener's time.


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