So this week I spent some time this week at the Podfest Multimedia expo in Orlando Florida. This was a fantastic event. Today we hear:

A Podcast One Year After Launch

Carol from explains what life has been like after starting her podcast at last years Podfest 2017.

The first 6-12 months are really tough due to lack of feedback.

While the podcast numbers are growing slowly, the engagement in her community is going up

Because of my Podcast: Kyle from Merchants of Dirt and Gagglepod explained how he landed as a speaker at Podfest.

Rent Before Your Buy Podcast Microphones

Dave interviews Stephen Arruda from

This is an interesting service that could be used to help you test a microphone for less than $100 and avoid making a $300-$500 mistake.

Sponsor: Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement50% of what you paid to rent the mic will be used if you decide to buy one.

Use the coupon code rent15 to save on your rental

Podcast Movement is the world's largest gathering of new and veteran podcasters, or anyone looking to start their own podcast the right way

– Join over 2,000 podcasters from around the world in Philadelphia this July 23 through 26 for three days of workshops, panels, parties and more

– The conference offers over 100 sessions on topics ranging from the technical aspects of setting up your equipment and the audio production to marketing and monetizing your current or future show.

– The expo hall features over 60 podcast service and equipment providers, so whether you're in the market for a microphone, or trying to figure out where to host your podcast, anyone who matters will be on site to help you out

It's Jule 23 – 26th in Philadelphia PA.

Use the code SOP when you sign up at and get $50 off any level of registration

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