In today's show we talk about the pros and cons of Live Podcasting. You can use a tool like Pod Producer (free Podcasting Software at and its great for shows where you need to be spontaneous. Some people think that it is quicker as there is no “post” production. However, there is now “pre” production as you make sure all the volume levels are set correctly.

Some people have been using live chat boxes on their website so you can chat with your audience as you podcast .For me, this doesn't work. I'm trying to get my point across, and in the same way if someone was talking during my conversation would be disruptive, a chat box can be disruptive. I've heard a podcast or two that gets derailed as the chat room causes the host to lose their train of thought. For me, I don't need one. They can be beneficial. On the No Agenda Show they occasionally send their chat room off to Google to find an answer. In this case there are two hosts, and one watches the chat while the other continues on with the show.

A live podcast is also not a good choice if you are doing a music podcast. Now you have to listen to every song (where if you add this in “post” you cut your production time down CONSIDERABLY).

If you would like to know more about Podproducer, there are some video tutorials at the School of Podcasting Join Today.

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