Well this is my 200th episode of this podcast. Let me say up front, just becuase there are 200 episodes does not mean that these are great episodes or I am better than any other podcaster. It is a fun to listen back on some of the old episodes. I play some clips from my first podcast (for the musicians cooler).

I started this podcast back in October of 2005. Since then many other podcasts about podcasting have come and gone including:

Podcasting for Dummies (last show 11/19/2008)
Today in Podcasting (last show 10/21/2008)
Podcaster Confessions (all episodes have vanished)
Behind the Scenes (last show 1/6/2007)
Podcasting ABP (only did two episodes)
Learn to podcast (apple – ended 2006)
Podcasting 101 – (last episode 7/13/2008)
Podcasting Step By Step (Gone)
The Podcasting Blog ( 8/2008)
Podcasting Demystified (ended in 2006)

Also the yahoo podcast directory came and went (and people said “Podcasting is dead”). Software titles like “podcast station” and “mix craft live” have both gone away. In the mean time podcasting continues to grow, ways to create and receive them (phones, etc).

I am still here and ready to help you start a podcast no matter if you want it to do it yourself, or if you are looking for a podcast consultant to coach you through or do it for you.

One podcast about podcasting is the Podcasters' Emporium. Anybody know of any others?

Last 5 in 5 From Fred Castenada


Fred has launched a new podcast at www.finance4startups.com in addition to his www.strugglingentrepreneur.com and www.gaincontrolofpyourday.com

Podcasting Reaches a Global Audience

We have a lovely note from my friend Lynn Pearson who sent in a message from Scottland.

Thanks to all the people I've helped get podcasts off the ground, and to everyone who listens.  You guys/gals are awesome. Special thank to the 2godcicks.com and Chris from the www.fillupyouripodshow.com

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

About the Author
Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
3 comments on “Looking Back on 200 Episodes
  1. Congratulations on 200 episodes! Your combination of persistence and consistency is obviously a good one.

    You left The Podcast Brothers off your list. They went away when PME and Blog World Expo merged. Podcasters’ Emporium is pretty good, though the episodes run an hour or more in length and appear on an unpredictable schedule.

    While I’m here, a last 5 in 5:

    MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer (www.shellypalmermedia.com)
    For Immediate Release (www.forimmediaterelease.biz)
    Media Hacks/Six Pixels of Separation (www.twistimage.com/blog/)
    The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy (www.teemorris.com/blog/)
    The Slate Political Gabfest (www.slate.com/gabfest/)

  2. PS Something is wonky in your theme layout for single posts: I’m seeing the first 90% of my comment in what should be the sidebar…

  3. Dave Gray says:

    Congratulations Dave on a long running show. I have been subscribed for as long as I have been podcasting. I don’t always agree with what you say but I really love your dedication to the craft and the tips and tricks that got me started in 2005 🙂 Thanks.

    Just wondering if you were referring to Podcasters’ Emporium in the show notes (there is a small typo there)? If so then thanks as I am one of the hosts. We also managed in the Aussie iTunes store to get a new section added under more technology –> “Podcasting” which is awesome because some great shows about podcast podcasting were getting very lost in many other categories.

    Congratulations again Dave and keep up the great work.

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