I've said in the past that Podcast promotion can be boiled down to “find your audience and tell them about your podcast.” If we look at Christianity, it used this principle. Jesus would find his audience (tax collectors were seen as the scum of the earth – his target market), he go to know them (He went to dinner with I believe it was Matthew), and then told him about his message. Many people try to do this in reverse order. They see their target audience, tell them about their podcast, and then try to get to know them.

One thing I have found is (and I know this seems obvious), but you build your audience one person at a time. When you approach it this way you not only get a loyal audience, you end up with disciples who want to spread your message.

Get To know Your Audience

This can be done by having a voicemail line, an email address, as well as having comments turned on at your blog. You can also go to forums on your subject and see what people are discussing. Remember, the idea here is build relationships with these people FIRST, then tell them about your podcast.

Leaving Breadcrumbs back To Your Podcast

One thing I always have with me is Business Cards. These point people to my website, and give them a quick idea of what to expect.

You can also use CDs as kind of “Audio Business Cards.” Remember the goal is to get them to your website, so have it printed on everything, and be sure to mention it often on the CD. If you're a video podcast these might be DVDs.

Hanging a flyers that has your website at the bottom for them to tear off can be created in programs like Microsoft Word (use a text box at the bottom to make the tear off sheets and then copy and paste the text box over and over). Be sure to tear off one of the items at the bottom. This creates perceived value.

Digital Flyers are great (PDF) as your audience now has the opportunity to print them out and hang them up.You can create a pdf using free software from www.cutepdf.com and its built-in to the newer versions of Microsoft Word.

Tell Them About Your Podcast

Be sure to have a quick “pitch” explaining why  people should listen to your podcast. Tell them how they will benefit. Then make sure this rolls off the tongue, and practice saying it.

Be sure that your family is armed with Business cards and CDS. You will be surprised how many business cards your sister-in-law may hand out.

Dave's Rant About Corey Deitz

While I am not the be all and end all of podcast coaching, I do get upset when I see people provide advice that is just wrong and not thought out. For whatever reason time and time again this comes from people who have had successful careers in radio, and then crown themselves a podcast consultant. I went off on Corey Deitz on my blog. I ended up calling him a name trying to be funny, and that was uncalled for and I apologize to Mr Deitz. It doesn't mean his content is correct, but I should've simply said “This is wrong and here's why,” and left the name calling off the blog. Sorry Craig.  read the full Rant on Dave's Blog about Craig Deitz

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
3 comments on “Looking Deeper Into Podcast Promotion
  1. Hi Dave. I really enjoyed this episode and I’ve implemented the Speak Pipe system – looking forward to your views on it.

    Great ideas about promotion as well!

    Keep up the good work.

    I though you might be interested to know that I’ve had 4433 downloads so far (including a growing number on Stitcher) which I’m really pleased about for such a new podcast and such a small niche!

    All down to your training of course!


  2. Owen says:

    Another option for podcast promotion is getting it featured on podcast reviews blogs and websites. My review site is http://podcastreviewsblog.blogspot.com/ where I am accepting submissions, there are a few other really good blogs that I know of that you can find via google and you can approach them for a review as well

  3. Dave Jackson says:

    Owen, why not go to http://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/domaincheck and see if podcastreviewsblog.com is available?


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