Mary Spender Checks All of the Full Time Creator Boxes

You are Here Because I Saw Some Great Content From Mary Spender

Just saw this video from Mary Spender called How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1,000,000 Views and why… and I felt the need to talk about it. Thanks for stopping by.

Mary Spender is a musician with a YouTube channel with 641K subscribers but has had videos with millions. Being a guitar player, I enjoy her videos.

The video below has a ton of insights and transparency. I love that she mentions the money before YouTube takes its SIZEABLE bite (you barely keep more than 50%). So here is someone making a living with YouTube and music (let's call her a content creator).

Then I noticed in the description of the video you can:

  • Join her Patreon
  • Take one of her courses
  • Listen to her music on Spotify and Apple
  • Buy some of her merch

So How Do You Make a Living as a Full Time Content Creator?

As I mention in my book (Profit from your podcast: Strategies to turn your listeners into a livelihood, people who create content for a living have multiple income streams. The other lesson you see is all the other streams of income outside of Youtube are not going to “turn off” her income.

I also hear and see the heart of someone serving her audience. This is a masterclass on how to sell without selling (please note I'm listening to her music on Spotify as I write this).

Notice how she mentions her original music in passing; the video she made in passing never felt salesy.

She lets me know what is available if I want to dig deeper. We should also point out that she's been on YouTube since 2006. (so that whole “it takes time thing” raises its head). For me, it was like:

  • Vulnerable/Transparent – check
  • Information I can't get everywhere – check
  • Organized presentation – check
  • Selling without selling – check
  • Valuable content – check
  • Links in the description – check
  • Exuberates the heart to serve the audience – check
  • Inspires me to share – well, you know the answer to that (cause you're here).


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