In this episode, we'll dive deep into the “why” behind podcast rebranding your podcast and how vital it is to know your audience intimately, as these elements profoundly influence the content and success of your show.

I revisit the significance of knowing your WHY before changing a podcast’s identity and content approach. I also peel back the curtain on past errors to help you pave the way for smarter future changes, fostering growth and innovation.

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What We Learned In This Episode About Podcast Rebranding

  • Adding advertisements to your show is seen as a change in format and can make people leave
  • People come for the content but stay for the host. If the host leaves, it's more than likely the audience will
  • Changing your schedule (“seasons”) can lead people to leave.
  • Making major changes to the show length can cause people to leave
  • While some of your audience may leave, a more focused/targeted show may lead to a new, larger audience.

The AC/DC Fact

I love the band AC/DC. Their content is VERY consistent. Some might argue that it's TOO consistent. In other words, if you've heard any AC/DC album, you've heard them all. However, 50% of your audience LOVES that you get exactly what you expect (this also goes for Hallmark movies). The other side of their audience hoped they might stray just a little from their signature sound to try something slightly different. When this doesn't happen, they are unhappy that AC/DC sounds exactly the same.

So some people love that you never change, and others are unhappy because you stay the same. You can't seem to win.

If You Go Down, We All Go Down

So, how do you know when you should tweak something? I always throw in subtle changes. I don't want my audience to get too comfortable. But the absolute time to change is when you hate your show. When you've lost the passion or the time it is taking away from the rest of your life is taking too much of a toll, it is time to switch things up. Why? Because if the hosts goes down, then the whole show goes down, and everyone loses in that situation. See this episode on avoiding podfade and this one as well.


Scott From What Was That Like
Rick from Renewed Mindsets
York from Welcome To Earth Stories
Mark from History of North America
Tyler from Crying is Manly
Ralph From Ask Ralph


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Chapter Markers:

00:00:00 – Rebranding
00:00:36 – Opening
00:01:17 – The Question
00:01:46 – Scott From What Was That Like
00:03:37 – Rick from Renewed Mindsets
00:05:51 – York from Welcome To Earth Stories
00:08:27 – Mark from History of North America
00:09:14 – Tyler from Crying is Manly
00:10:27 – Ralph From Ask Ralph
00:12:02 – Quick and Dirty Tips
00:13:30 – Switching Out Key Players
00:15:06 – Dave on Mike Rowe
00:16:06 – The AC/DC Fact
00:17:31 – The Way To Win
00:18:48 – Scott Made Changes Based on Community Feedback
00:20:59 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:22:01 – Your Podcast Website
00:22:20 – Why Rebrand?
00:23:30 – Why I'm rebranding One of My Shows
00:24:10 – Stupid Mistakes
00:25:08 – New Plan
00:28:25 – Podcast Review Inights
00:29:22 – New Show Your Podcast Website
00:29:59 – Buzzsprout Ads New Texting (aff)
00:31:05 – Captivate Updates Player (Aff)
00:31:39 – See Picture Change
00:31:51 – Back To Normal
00:32:44 – Why I Rant About YouTube
00:35:26 – Question of the Month
00:36:27 – Live Appearances
00:36:58 – Follow the Show
00:38:16 – Join the Community
00:39:06 – Bloopers

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