Welcome to the School of Podcasting! In today's exhilarating episode, we dove deep into the art of leveraging social media to supercharge your podcast. Join me, Dave Jackson, and social media strategist Katie Brinkley as we unpack the power of the 4 pillars strategy—awareness, education, elaboration, and storytelling—to captivate your audience.

Discover the secret sauce to building a dedicated community, why consistent posting trumps timing, and the essential tools for tracking and enhancing your social connect.


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The Four Pillar Approach for Social Media

The Awareness Post

Creating awareness content is a cornerstone of any successful social media strategy for podcasters, and as Katie adeptly explains, these posts serve to introduce your podcast's brand, topics, or a specific episode to new and existing followers. By crafting messages that resonate with listeners, you catch the eye of potential audience members and pique their curiosity. Whether it's a clever tweet, a compelling Instagram story, or a thoughtful LinkedIn article, awareness posts lay the groundwork for a broader conversation and deepen your audience's understanding of what your podcast stands for. You help the social platform keep people on their platform.

Elaboration Post

Once the seed of interest is planted through awareness posts, elaboration posts dive deeper into the subjects your podcast covers. Katie highlights the valuable role of these posts in expanding upon podcast topics, offering insights, or providing behind-the-scenes glimpses. For example, if your podcast episode discusses a recent technological advancement, an elaboration post could examine its implications further or offer an expert interview clip. These posts enrich your listener's experience, demonstrating your podcast's value and fostering a more connected and informed community.

Community Builder Post

Cultivating a community around your podcast is vital, and according to Katie, community builder posts are the engagement catalysts within social media strategy. These posts encourage interaction, discussion, and sharing among your followers. Whether it's a question prompt related to a recent episode or a shoutout to active community members, such posts invoke a sense of belonging and encourage listeners to support one another. This content creates an inclusive space where conversations can grow organically, turning casual listeners into a loyal community.

Action Post

Finally, the action post is pivotal for driving your audience toward a specific behavior, such as subscribing to your podcast, signing up for a newsletter, or attending a live event. Katie emphasizes that the power of a well-crafted call-to-action can significantly boost listener engagement and participation. By using clear, motivating language and offering something of value, action posts can transform passive scrolling into active engagement, which expands your podcast's reach and creates a more dynamic interaction with your audience.

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