May 2013 Income Report $1985

May was interesting as I found myself helping my wife who had surgery. I did get some lucky breaks. I had a listener to the Logical Weight Loss Podcast purchase an expensive bike through my affiliate link. I had some new one on one coaching clients. This evened things out. I still am sticking to my schedule of Monday and Thursday nights, and 1/2 Saturday.


School of Podcasting – 2098Logical Weight Loss – 191
Weekly Web Tools – 70.
More Podcast Money – 46.
Jillian Michaels Podcast – 8. – 27.1
Audible – 75.
Podcast Review Show – $10
Total – $2525

Income Breakdown:
Consulting – 47%
Affiliate Income – 31%
Membership – 19%
Book Sales – 3%


Media Hosting – $99
Web Hosting – $64
Office Rental – $225
Scribe SEO – $27
Internet – $113
Harvest – $12
Total – $540

Net Income $1985

If you'd like to see the strategies I have used to do this, pick up my book “More Podcast Money.”

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