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Today I have a few ways you can try to monetize your podcast. One (which costs you nothing) is to have Wizzard Media create an iphone app for your podcast. They sell it for $1.99 and you get a portion of the price. They take the rest (as they should they built the app, handle the credit card payment, submit it to iTunes, etc). I have not promoted that I have an iphone app, and people are already sending comments through the app. If you would like an app made for your podcast check out

Publish Your Blog/Podcast on Kindle

I (With a lot of help from my lsiteners) recently got a Kindle (ebook reader from Amazon). One of the things Kindle can do is subscribe to blogs (it has built in wi-fi). I haven't quite firgure out how to do this, but I do see where you can take yoru podcast/blog and list it in the Kindle store ($1.99) and you get a portion of the price (30% with amazon keeping 70% becuase they are, well, amazon). Here are the details about publishing for the kindle.

Listener's Standard of “Poor Audio Quality”

Bob listens to podcasts in headphones. He mentioned that the Teacher Podcast has a tone of background noise. I found this surprising as Dr. Kathy King produces this pdocast (and while I've never mer her, she runs in the same circles as I have). When I went to listen to the podcast I didn't think it was that bad, but I can see if you were listneing in a quiet room through headphones you could pick up on many subtlties. These include:

I can hear the co-host breathing.
Lots of “room noise” (probably using a condensor mic and being more than 6 inches away from the mic).
A definite difference in tone from the begining to another “Segment” (maybe recorded at a different time – you should make notes so your equipment is always set up exactly the same).

Here is what Bob had to say:

For example I keep trying to listing to the Teachers' Podcast ( but the background noise is so distracting, especially when wearing headphones, that I have to push the stop button. In one episode, while wearing headphones, the background noise was so noticeable, I thought it was something happening in my office.

I can understand in some situations, background noise is hard to control such as an instructor capturing a lecture or a desired part of the podcast with a dog backing in the background to give a more homely feel. It's the distracting sounds the send me to the stop button.

I don't podcast myself at this time as most of my effort is supporting faculty in lecture capture and coursecasting, trying to direct them to produce the best sounding recording possible. I'm a firm believer in a good quality recording of a lecture or presentation provides a positive learning experience for the student.”

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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