Bob Andelman is  someone who knows books and media. He has co-authored a on of books, and has written syndicated columns. Bob interviewed me a while back on his show. There I learned he has done over 700 interviews. Bob started turning these into podcasts, and I decided to pick his brain about his podcast, and tips for interviewing people.

Here are some great tips:

1. He got lots of traffic to a piece of audio that he put some still photos to and uploaded to youtube. So if you're not doing video, you may want to investigate video.

2. One of the keys to being a good interviewer is being a good listener.

3. If you interview an author, read their book.

4. Bob is using the Logictech H555

Bob also lives what he preaches. When I was on his show, we started on time, he explained exactly what to expect, and in general was a pro. With that said, he also made it relaxed and fun.

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