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if you are a music podcaster, there is this new service, I don’t know how new it is, it’s called musicxray. And if you go out to you can sign up as a music professional and then you can open what’s called a drop box. Now this is all free. When you open a drop box, and this is really meant for the kind of music or professionals; people like maybe label people or a studio person or manager or you know those types of things. And you are a person that can spotlight music but I say this because you’ve got a drop box with different amounts of interactivity. Because some musicians want critiqued and it’s like, no, no, you don’t want to get into the business. Maybe you don’t want the business of critiquing music, you just want people to send you music and that’s what this is for.

And what’s really cool is let’s say most of your music that you play sounds like, I don’t know; the red hot chili peppers. What you can do is upload a red hot chili pepper song, maybe your favorite one and it will then basically look at that sound wave and identify other bands that match that kind of sound wave. There is also this good old fashion search and things like that but you’ll be listed as an opportunity and musicians can come there and submit their music. Now you can also actually charge, if you want, you know just like they do in some places where musicians play if you want kind of a coverage charge like; hey you’ve got to pay me a buck to even you know listed here, you can do that. I will see that doing for free though, especially this is going to help scale down people that you know are sending in folk music to the you know Death Metal Band, saying; hey, I think we’ll be a good fit for your podcast because they never listen to it.

Now when I spoke with them, they did say you kind of it go through an approval process, so they’re not going to just take anybody. If you’re a music podcaster and you can say, hey I’ve got x amount of listeners, they might go ahead because they’re looking for people, for their musicians to be exposed to an audience.I say this this week because of Scott Johnson. He is the computer tutor, getting ready to launch his own podcast. I believe his website is and he found some music on  You have to credit music alley on every episode. There is a podcast called marketing over coffee which I really like and at the end of the episode they say, “The theme song is called Melo-G by FunkMasters on musically by Mevieo. Scott was not really crazy about that. So what Scott did is he went out, found some cool music at musicalley and then just contacted the musician directly.

Use a Newsletter To Deliver Your Show Notes

And this next tip comes from my new chat buddy David Snipes.  He was asking about do I have a newsletter? And I said as a matter of fact I do.

David said, “I listen to podcast at work; on his blackberry” if I remember and he listens to it a lot at work and a lot of times in the car.  But what if I mention something like, right? Well, you’ve got to remember that. If you had your show notes sent via email it would be easier as you would get them as a reminder. I use Aweber for this. I can enter my RSs feed, and every time I create a podcast, Aweber turns it into an email message.

You can use People are asking me; do you use feedburner anymore? No when I set a podcast now I use powerpress and that’s it. I use them for my iTunes stuff. You canuse feedburner if you’re looking for that free option to convert your post to email. Now they’re going to send them out automatically; I believe it comes out immediately or at least the next day. You can’t do the batch sending that AWeber does but AWeber is about 20 bucks a month.

Joe Jennings who is launching not one but two podcasts., and garudalega. Joe wanted to know if I had any kind of affiliate links organized on a page. So if you’re looking for my recommendations on podcast equipment and now what things I use and things that of that nature, you can find it all at And  anything that can be an affiliate link will be an affiliate link so that’s a way to support this show. Update

The last episode I talked about and somebody did tip me $5 by texting podcast to whatever that number was. And so I appreciate that, that’s the only thing … I mean I appreciate that because I get whatever it is; four bucks at the end of the month unless somebody else tips me. The thing is when somebody tips you via PayPal directly and not through, you kind of see who it is, then you can thank them. With this system you have no idea. Test

In last week’s episode, lastly I want to mention that I’m doing a test with I’ve said all the while that one of the ways you can get more traffic to your website is to have your podcast transcribed. So I should be talking faster today because they charge by the minute, it’s a dollar a minute. So it’s like I look at this right now I’m looking at about 17 minutes or 17 bucks to have this transcribed. And so for a month I’m going to have my podcast transcribed and I’m going to use the full transcription for my show notes or at least a big chunk of it and see what kind of traffic boost I get after a month. I’m not going to try to do a whole lot else because I don’t want to you know get a bunch of traffic because I did something different. Although that might be a problem because I am going to be flipping the switch soon on the new version of the school of podcasting but nonetheless I’m going to be testing out this service and I will let you know how it goes and if you’re interested in this you can find it over at You can also find them in our link section. If you go to and that is going to do it.


Reminding Your Listeners of Your Show Notes

David Snipes stated that he listens to shows on the go, or at work. Consequently, he never remembers to return to podcasters websites. He said it would be nice if the School of Podcasting had a Newsletter. Then the notes could be emailed to him. This is something you can do using a service like aweber.

Podcast Equipment Recommendations

Joe Jennings who soon will be alunching and said I should list a page that shows me recommendations. Well Joe, here it is: go to

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