First, thanks to everyone who participated. Every year I ask my audience what their favorite podcast is and why it is their favorite. They can also plug their website. This exercise then helps us understand why people tune in, as well as hear about some great podcasts.

In general, I say good content will make us:

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Think
  • Groan
  • Educate
  • Entertain

So pay attention and here how most of these shows are not just doing one of those, but multiple emotions and strategies.


[01:26] Dave love

[03:16] Steve Stewart from the Money Plan SOS loves the Stacking Benjamins Show (Steve was just on Episode 752 talking about his Podcast Editor Academy)

[05:59] Joe Saul Sehy from Stacking Benjamins loves the Be Our Guest Podcast

[09:10 ]Shane from the Spybrary Podcast  loves the Ask the Podcast Coach  show

[11:03] Anthony from the Route 66 Podcast loves the Space Shot

[13:32] Bill watches moviesThe Secret History of Hollywood

[16:10] Brandon from The Florida Focus Podcast – The Art of Manliness

[17:18] Craig from InglesPodcast lovesThe Week Unwrapped

[20:02 ]Glen from Caratere Books  loves the 20 thousand hz

[21:00 ] CG from the Rocketry Show also loves 20 thousand hz and Invisibilia with Roman Mars

[23:49] Harris from Wild Talk love Revisionist History

[25:20 ]Gary from the Content Gardener Loves the Disrupt Yourself from Whitney Johnson

[26:24] Kevin from Grow the Show loves Three Clips

[27:27] Patrick from the Big Seance podcast loves Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

[28:26] Letitia from Rooted and Overflowing loves the Productive Woman

[29:27 ]Geoge Excelsier journey's podcast loves Saturday Night Movie Sleep Over

[30:17] Effie Parks from Once Upon a Gene loves the Jordan Harbinger Show

[32:51] Louis Love Thy Lawyer loves All the President's Lawyers

[33:57] Scott from What Was That Like loves Bill Gates and Rasheda Jones Ask Big Questions

[35:52] Scott from the Amazing Maine podcast loves the Riskory podcast.

[37:31 ]Scott from Moving Forward Leadership loves Habs Unfiltered

[40:11] Sufeah loves the 85 South Show

[41:04] Greg from Indie Dropin Network loves Just N/A Science

[42:53] Kim from Beekeeping Today loves Revive Our Hearts

[44:30] Zita from Ritual Recipes loves the Wedding Ceremony Podcast 

Homework: Pretend Your A Listener

[46:43 ]In some cases I had to go looking for these podcasts and in some of those cases it wasn't easy. My advice for you is to go to Google and search for the name of your show “podcast.”

In many cases people sign up and their media host (because they don't know your website) will use the built in website that comes with their hosting. Look for the “website” field and make sure it points at your website. If you don't have a website (one of these shows had a .podwits address – classy) the go buy a domain at and point it the site you are using (and preserve your first impression).

Dog Podcast Network Update

[48:55 ]I'm following the launch of the podcast network. In the past they have solicited stories for their contest, hired a producer. In this segment, we hear their trailer and learn about their press release. Check it out at

End of Show

[52:36] Let Me Help You
[53:58] Bloopers


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