I have a tradition that the last episode of the year is you answering WHY your favorite show is your FAVORITE. You know the show, you get notified in your app, and you immediately stop listening to whatever show and IMMEDIATELY go to theirs. Thanks to all who participated. I did something different and had AI summarize all the “WHYs” together.

A special shout-out to Matt Rafferty from The Author Inside You. I assembled this at the last minute, and unfortunately, Podinbox ate your reply.

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Special Apology to Matt Rafferty your file was corrupt.

Kelvin Crosby from the DeafBlind Potter and  Perseverance Podcast loves the Homesteaders of America Podcast

Chris Lewis from the Dads with Daughters podcast loves the Real Brian Show.

Craig from Live Well and Flourish loves the loves the Everything Everywhere show.

Danny Brown From One Minute Podcast Tips loves the Stuck in the 80's Podcast.

Kim Stewart from the Book Marketing Mania loves the Self Care Simplified show.

Anastasia Lipske from Success Speakers Loves the Bible Recap

Todd the Gator from Guardian Downcast and the Destiny Helpdesk loves the School of Podcasting

Scott from What Was That Like loves the Sound Judgment Podcast.

Steve Stewart Loves Stacking Benjamins, but his WHY from the Retiredish Podcast

Lousis from Love Thy Lawyer loves Sam Harris's Making Sense.

Mark from the History of North America Podcast Loves Book Notes+ with Brian Lamb

Paul from the Pass ACLS Tip of the day show loves Think Fast Talk Smart (but we all hate their URL).

SP Rupert from Better Podcasting and Artie's Atic loves Main Engine Cutoff.

York Welcome to Earth Stories from Welcome to loves the show Chaika

Dr. Brad Miller from Cancer and Comedy loves the show Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Harvis from Calm History loves James Cridland's Podnews Daily

Tim from Create Art Podcast and Find a Podcast About podcast would listen to his show to make it better.

Dave Jackson from Your Podcast Consultant likes Podnews Weekly Review.

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