Dave explains that after going on someone's show, THEIR podcast was inserted into his Musicians Cooler feed. They re-wrote (hijacked) his RSS file. He explains how he fixed it, and reminds everyone to pick good passwords, and to change them often.

Last 5 in 5

Dan from Journey Inside My Mind Podcast provides his last 5 in 5
Check out Dan at www.jimmpodcast.blogspot.com

www.daveslounge.com (Music to Chill to)
www.denverpost.com (Today in Music History)
www.dailysourcecode.com (Adam Curry)

Feedburner added some technology that is not working with Juice (formerly ipodder software).
To fix this:
Log into your Feedburner feed
Click on ‘Standard Stats' under the “SERVICES” area on the left side.
Take the check mark off “Item enclosure downloads (podcast downloads)”
SAVE your changes.
Thanks to:
and JT
www.freemusicianlist.com for the heads up on this. To read more about this in the Feedburner support area go to Here

Interactive Podcasts. Dave gets some insights from Greg of the 5 Questions Podcast. Check it out at www.5questions.net

Dave used Podproducer to Make this Show

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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