In today's episode we hear about a suspenseful event taking place as the studio as Dave is forced to do his show without any notes. His computer will not reboot. We also hear about how he assembles a podcast, and his opinion after playing with Podcast Artwork Slicer for an hour or so.

Podcasts Out Perform Radio Shows in Advertising [2:58]

In a recent episode of the New Media Show, Norm Pattiz from (who started westwood one for radio) explained that the right podcast and product can out perform traditional radio. You can hear the full interview (very informative) at 

Norm is helping the “big dog” celebrities by organizing sponsorships. we want Norm to succeed. We really want Norm to succeed.

Dave's Podcast Workflow [12:24]

1. Get content that excites me via my life, my audience, or other websites via What do you want people to do with your podcast? What do you want them to feel? Think about your audience.
2. Record my whole show into a Roland R-05 portable recorder.
3. Import the file on to his computer while he starts his show notes.
4. Use Adobe Audition to assemble clips, into, and the file I just created. I have a session (project in Audacity) saved with all the files I use every week (intro, outro, etc).
5. Export to a an mp3 file. I continue to work on show notes.
6. Add ID3 tags.
7. Upload file to as I listen to it at 2X speed in windows media player as I add time tags to show notes. Copy the file location from libsyn and put it into the blog post.
8. Run a spell check, and add a “pretty link” to make it easy to find the episode (today's show is
9. Schedule a tweet in Hoot suite to go out the following day.

Podcast Artwork Creator Reviewed [42:45]

First thing first. I don't take my car to the dentist to get fixed. With this in mind, its often not the tools, but the person behind the tool that creates magic. With this said, I looked at and Podcast Artwork Slicer as tools to help create inexpensive album artwork. Of the two, I prefer Podcast Artwork Slicer due to its ability to easily resize artwork and text. It doesn't do a ton of things, but what it does do it does it well. Things that could be improved:

1. The ability to resize an image.
2. The ability to save your settings (there is an options to save settings ,but not to load them).
3. The ability to center, or put a grid on their to line things up.

The podcast artwork slicer is $10/month. You can sign up, create your podcast and then cancel your subscription.

[leadplayer_vid id=”521127142D7C9″]

I personally use Becky at and have her create custom artwork (typically around $40) be sure to let her know you came from the School of Podcasting

“Let the Pigeons Loose” Contents

In a moment of spontaneity, I said whoever emails first with the answer the question, “What old American TV show had an episode where a character kept screaming “Let the pigeons loose”. The answer was “Happy Daysand the winner is Tim Thomspon of My apologies to anyone who went to youtube and were subjected to video after video of some female wrestler's butt.

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
2 comments on “My Podcast Workflow, Podcast Artwork Slicer Reviewed
  1. Jennifer says:

    David, this was amazingly helpful! Your Workflow was perfectly what I needed to fill in the gaps. I have been learning all I can with plans to start the Marketing Motivator podcast this fall. I’m almost ready. Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Jennifer,
    Your comment has inspired my next podcast which will focus on “putting your launch date on the calendar.” Let me know when you’re ready and we’ll get you into the quick start plan.

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