Are you running out of hard drive space due to the large files associated with your podcast, especially if you're playing with video?

Worry not, because in this week's episode of The School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson provides a solution to this common problem. Dave discusses the benefits of using cloud storage services like Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to free up space on your computer.

He shares his personal experience with Backblaze, emphasizing its reliability and the peace of mind it offers when backing up your files.

Whether you want to save your podcast episodes, old YouTube videos, or any other large files, Backblaze B2 could perfectly fit you. Even better, the first 10GB of storage is free! And the pricing is incredibly affordable, with Backblaze charging only half a cent per gigabyte. So, you can upload many files without worrying about exceeding your budget.


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It's Not As Hard As You Think

I just returned from speaking at the 40th high school reunion, where they asked me to speak. Speaking always makes me nervous, but due to this talk NOT being about podcasting, I was REALLY Nervous. 

I followed my own advice and figured out who I was talking to, and what the goal of the talk was (point out that we survived), and then I found people to give me honest feedback before I had to deliver it. It worked. I got a fair amount of compliments. 

The stress and hand-shaking worry was not needed. I had done my homework. So I'm here to tell you from the other side, that the worry is more than likely not necessary (I know, easier said than done). 

Spotify Video Experiment So Far 

while I received hundreds of downloads of the audio of the Ask the Podcast show, and a decent amount of video views on YouTube. I have not received a single play on Spotify. Granted I have not promoted it (I promote my YouTube channel) . I wanted to see what kind of organic traffic Spotify would bring. So far I haven't received any. I do have a niche show, but I wanted you to know. 

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00:00:12 – Topics
00:00:32 – Opening
00:01:12 – Video Files are Bigger
00:01:51 – Backblaze
00:05:16 – How Much Is It?
00:07:39 – What Should I Keep?
00:08:44 – File Structure
00:13:05 – Join the School of Podcasting (
00:13:52 – Studying Mr. Beast
00:14:03 – Free Podcasting Tips Newsletter (
00:15:10 – Editing Old Titles
00:17:03 –
00:18:21 – Overcoming Your Podcast Fear
00:25:33 – Question of the Month (
00:26:35 – Live Appearances (
00:27:08 – Spotify Video Experiment

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