New Survey Sheds Light on Content Creator Monetization Efforts


Many entrepreneurs say they are unemployable, well Joe Pulizzi  (of Content Inc) has a new company called The Tilt (We’re Turning Content Creators into Content Entrepreneurs) just published The unconventionals. It's a report based on 1400 Content Entrepreneurs and what it takes to build a successful content business.

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Lessons From the Car

When I was driving doing 75 mph in my Toyota Camry, if you're guest is using their built-in microphone I couldn't understand what they were saying. Also, just like a GPS that is constantly looking for more efficient ways to get you to your destination, your podcast operates the same way. As you listen to your audience, you can steer your show to success.

It Turns Out People Are Listening…

In attending an event where my audience is (Podcast Movement 2021), I ran into a few people who listen to my show. I ran into Peter Ferioli of the Music Podcast Network, Riki Rachtman from MTV's the Headbanger Ball (who now has his own podcasts). While it feeds your ego, you also have the opportunity to get instant feedback on your show. This is always amazing to get feedback, and you actually see that people are listening to you.

What Does It Take to Succeed as a Content Entrepreneur?

(15:59) Content entrepreneurs have a singular focus: growing their audience by filling a very specific informational need. And by doing this well, they can “monetize” (plain talk: make money from) that audience. Just don’t call them influencers; content entrepreneurs are building businesses.


They work on it full time
The research shows those who are invested full-time are more 7 times likely to be
financially independent than those who treat it as a gig — and this makes
sense. Growing a successful venture takes focus and discipline.

They are Patient
On average, CEs (content Entrepreneurs) require two years to earn enough to support one person— a reminder that a content business requires commitment, and content entrepreneurs need savings, social support, and/or loans to sustain the business pre-revenue.

They Focused on Owned Channels
More experienced CEs are more likely to use channels they own without intermediaries (e.g., blogging, e-newsletters). There are tremendous advantages to owned, more controlled channels: First, these entrepreneurs also own the analytics and insights they can extract from their audiences. Second, they are not beholden to the whims and rule changes of large social and tech platforms (e.g., algorithm changes, arbitrary blocking, and withholding of data). Finally, without an intermediary, CEs can leverage new monetization strategies that offer more control as well as much healthier margins.

They Have a Busines Mindset

They’re focused on the financials and structure of the content business: how to monetize, how to diversify, how to build an asset rather than a cult of personality. And content creation isn’t how they spend the majority of their time.

In the coming years, we expect content entrepreneurs — and creator economy players more generally — will find ways to exert even greater control over their relationships with their audiences. (And if anyone can do it, it’s this group of unconventional thinkers.) Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok mediate the relationship between creator and consumer, which can pose a risk to entrepreneurs who rely too heavily on these channels. Tech platforms can even use insights from the CE’s audience to develop competing products and services. A new breed of CEs is disintermediating the relationship with their audience, finding ways to reach them directly rather than relying on third-party channels and ad revenues.

They’re taking “independence” to the next level.

We believe content entrepreneurs are the most powerful engine fueling growth and change within the creator economy movement, and they’ve only just begun.


Glenn The Geek HRN Tour Report

Glenn is going on a five-week 3200-mile tour including 14 states, 12 meetups, 1 wedding, to meet his listeners. he is staying at listener farms and campgrounds.

Glenn is loving the Zoom Podtrak P4 and using four Samson Q2U microphones. He is recording into the P4 and also uses Hindenburg Journalist

Follow Glenn on the Horses in the Morning Facebook Page or check out his Horse Radio Network Website.


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I've been a happy Libsyn customer for 16 years and a happy employee for five.

With Libsyn 5 and Libsyn 4 you don't have to do one or the other. You can access both, and switch back and forth.

Libsyn has partnered with the Fireside Chat app to allow people to send their Social Audio meetings to Libsyn for syndication ( Libsyn is short for Liberated Syndication). I will comment more as I get my hands on the technology.

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