Do you have a tax return burning a hole in your pocket?

You can start podcast using affordable podcasting equipment. I was talking with a client this week who asked, “Dave if you had an unlimited budget what would you get?” Ooooh. Good question. The most important piece of equipment is your microphone. I would go for a Heil Pr40 which goes for about $325. By the time you get a stand, shock mount, and pop filter your going to be out close to $600.

I've actually been thinking about getting the Procaster microphone. It goes for about $299. Ryan uses on on Ryan's Top Shelf who was nice enough to provide the intro to this week's show.

While you don't need a preamp, I've been in love with the Aphex 230 since I saw it at the very first Podcast Expo. This thing is a compressor, Deesser, with a bottom punch, and a top end tweak, etc. It makes you sound soooo good. It goes for $899.

Looking for more affordable options? Check out my recommendations for Podcasting Equipment

Mixing Your Interview

1. If you do interviews, do not split your audio so you are all the way on one side of the stereo mix (for example Left), and your guest is all the way on the other side of the stereo mix (right). Many people listen to podcasts at work, and they can only put one ear bud in (so they can hear if the phone rings, or their boss calls them). If your mix is extreme, then they won't be able to hear the other person.

70 Million Podcast Listeners

Thanks to Sally for the tip on the Edison Report that shows that 70 Million people are enjoying Podcasters.

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