Just a quick update as I realized I have two time-sensitive items I meant to mention in my last episode.

The Podcast Awards Are Open

You can nominate the School of Podcasting in the Technology category at the Podcast Awards https://www.podcastawards.com/app/signup

I won last year, and it would be cool to start a streak. If I have ever entertained you, helped you, inspired you, saved you money or headaches, I would DEEPLY appreciate your nomination for the School of Podcasting in the Technology category

SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School Early Bird Pricing

Podcast Engineering School start September 18th. What is Podcast Engineering School? This is an online course created in 2016 by Chris Curran who has TONS of experience as an audio engineer and has worked on some famous albums that you would recognize. Now he is bringing that experience to podcasting. The class is for those who want their show to sound more professional, but also for those who want to make money as a podcast editor and producer.

Program Includes:

LIVE Interactive Online Training

Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran

Major Discounts on Software and Plugins

Lifetime Access to the PES closed community

Certificate of Completion

The “Super Early Bird Pricing” is in effect NOW see https://podcastengineeringschool.com/

Where Do I Put the “Good Stuff” in My Podcast?

In the recent episode of the Podcast Review Show that I do with Erik K Johnson of PodcastTalentCoach.com we discuss how long you should make a person wait to get to the “good stuff” and where you should put “the good stuff.” check out the full review at www.podcastreviewshow.com/74

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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2 comments on “Oops, I Forgot Something…
  1. Put it in the beginning “As long as the content is good.” Yes! That’s what I think is most important. I’m not sure I’ve necessarily said your _best_ stuff needs to come first, but that your good content—or in other words, what people come to your podcast for—should come first.

  2. I’m with ya Daniel. Whatever the title is, that should be first.

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