We have a ton of stuff on the show today. We give away Sound Pack 3 from soundgods.com Congrats to Paul Clifford of the Tech, No bable Show

You can earn money at Podcast Pickle For Reviewing Podcasts

We talk about how to keep things organized so you don't let content slip through your fingers (and miss making it on to your podcast).

We hear a promo for www.bestoftheworstpodcast.com

I also talk about how easy it is to use www.polldaddy.com

We then get a DUO of Last 5 in 5's (what were the last 5 podcasts you listened to, and tell us in less than 5 minutes).

Dan from Journey Inside My Mind www.jimmpodcast.com had these:
Morning Stories www.gbh.org/morningstories
Coverville www.coverville.com
Anji Bee Chill Cast http://chillcast.podshow.com
Lifespring weekend Music http://weekendmusic.lifespringonline.com/
Friday Night Dance Party http://www.fridaynightdanceparty.com/

Rich from www.audiogumshoe.com had these:

Amp New Music Weekly http://amped.libsyn.com/
Seventh Son  http://www.jchutchins.net/7thSonPodcast.xml
FIR For Immediate release http://www.forimmediaterelease.biz/
Project Studio Network www.projectstudionetwork.com
Kids Wife Work Life http://www.kidswifeworklife.com/

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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