Today we hear how megastar Jerry Seinfeld looks at his “job” of being a comedian. How life is great if you're work is doing something you think is a gift. Jim Collison shares insights into an experiment he has been doing to grow his audience, as well as Google Analytics, Podcasting Live and Jim's “day job” just launched a Podcast.

The Foundation is Doubling Their Leads With a Podcast [2:05]

Andy hosts the starting from nothing show, and he explains how his leads have double for the Foundation, and he is getting great guests on his show because of their position in iTunes (they are in the of business podcasts). Check them out at and in iTunes. 

The foundation believes that “the world is a better place when there are more entrepreneurs in it, and we believe there would be more entrepreneurs if they knew how simple it was to get started.”

Lessons that Podcast Can take Away From the Rise of Jerry Seinfeld [5:55]

For the person who wants to start a podcast to make money (who doesn't want more money), you need to realize that it takes time. The payoffs can be great (see my episode with John Dumas who makes $18K a month), but it takes a lot of work, dedication, and passion. I stumbled across a Jerry Seinfeld interview on Youtube where he was interviewed by Howard Stern. I was surprised at some of the things I learned, and the wisdom I found as Jerry peeled back the curtain as to what makes him tick.

It took him four years to get on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

He did AWESOME on the tonight show for NINE YEARS before NBC gave him his own show.

The television show Seinfeld did awful for the first four years of its existence.

He works clean. He mutes any swearing on his new show Comedians in Card Getting Coffee because he knows people listen at the kitchen table with kids around.


He is constantly “Working” on new material, but doesn't see it as work as he enjoys it. How do you know he loves it? he OBVIOUSLY doesn't need the money and yet he still does stand-up comedy.

Podcast Evangelism with Jim Collison of [19:05]

Jim Collison – Weekly Home Tech and Financial Tech  – Weekly Home Server Show

Jim just helped his day job Gallup start a podcast. Find it at

Jim feels working live is easier with a round table approach.


Go Where Your Audience Is – We also use their chat feature for our live shows, Their live stats aren't very good. – This was my origional podcasting platform.  This gave me the idea to keep the free service and use the platform to reach new listeners. He was able to move away from Podomatic by sending an email to itunes via the “report a concern” link in iTunes. He gets about 25 listener a week. – Because of you Dave! 10 to 20 plays per episode – yes…I do the nasty!  I play the recorded version of my show into their service.  Tag at the end of longer shows.  Jim is averaging 15- 20 listeners per episode. – This is a brand new one and they approached me about joining them.  They set up my channel, gave me some free features and let me upload long podcasts.  30 minutes is their free limit. He is getting a handful of downloads.

Dave mentioned but he has a client who is getting about 7 downloads per episode.

It takes Jim about an hour to upload his files to these sites. He doesn't recreate the wheel and pastes his show notes.

Google Analytics [38:20]

You can find out where your traffic is coming from (in regards to country).

If you are podcasting live, you can see this in real time.

Google analytics is a free tool that you can easily implement on your website with a plugin.

See what are the most popular posts on your website.

Jim can see that is visitors are staying longer than the average web visitor.

Podcast Evangelism [45:15]

Jim brings up a great point that most podcasters promote their show to other podcasters who are already listening to podcasts. We need to branch out and get to those “what's a podcast” people and get them involved. One of the best ways to do this is to produce content that gets people talking about your show. In Jim's circle he is finding people are scared of the word “podcast” and we need to teach people how to subscribe to a podcast.

Jim's Last 5 in 5 [55:00]

1. Windows Weekly

2. This week in Google 

3. The Morning Announcements

4. The Podcaster's Studio

5. Build Your Own Box

Find Jim at and

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4 comments on “Passion Lessons From Seinfeld – Podcast Evangelism with Jim Collison
  1. It was great to be on the show Dave! Thanks for having me on!

  2. This might be my favorite show so far. There are still a bunch of people that don’t really know why and how they’d listen to podcasts, and I was glad to hear it talked about. Also, Jim Collison has got a great attitude, like he’s saying “I ain’t too proud to chase after 10 listeners.” It made me rethink parts of my strategy. It was great to hear from somebody that understands that struggle to go from 0 listeners to hundreds of listeners.

  3. Jim is awesome, and I love anybody thats willing to show the good and not so good. Jim didn’t hesitate a minute to share his numbers. Above everything else I truly appreciate honesty.

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