I was lucky enough to meet Kristen Meizner last year at the On-Air fest, and I heard her speak. I knew immediately I wanted to her come on the show. She was working on her new book So You Want to Start a Podcast: Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, and Building a Community That Will Listen (also available as an audiobook ). If you're new to audible you can get the book for free.

So You Want To Start a Podcast

When I started reading this book, you might think, “Oh great, a radio person telling us how to podcast,” but she even mentions in the book that we should be looking outside of radio for inspiration. We need to rev up our creativity and take advantage of the ability to make¬†any format you want. The book is chock full of ideas to get you to think outside the box and really fine-tune not just the first five minutes of your show but your entire show. I really liked this book a lot.

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Start Your PodcastIn today's interview, Kristen talks about

  • The right reason to start a podcast
  • The two questions every podcaster needs to answer
  • What she did for four months to get her format correct
  • Why movies are a topic and not a show
  • How one format idea fell flat on its face
  • You can grab the attention of a larger audience with diversity
  • How long should a podcast be?
  • Her feelings toward holiday movies
  • The top thing that makes her tune out of a podcast
  • How introverts can overcome their shyness and reveal their personality
  • How she integrated a story into her podcast By the Book
  • Why you need to embrace feedback for your podcast
  • Working with a network
  • The importance of focus groups
  • What she feels is a good length for podcasting
  • How she uses scripts in her show
  • The importance of being yourself
  • How to go “outside the box” with an “Inspirational story” podcast
  • How is a podcast like going to a show where you don't know anyone

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