I've heard it over and over, I want to podcast – I'm just not sure what I'm going to talk about. I recently went through Ray Edwards Rapid Writing Method(a great value) and if you've listened to the show you know I'm a big Michael Hyatt fan and today I pull a page out of the Ray playbook and some insights from Michael Hyatt's New Media Expo presentation to help you pick a topic that works for you. If you have a comment you can chime in on the show by using the information on our contact page, or call 888-563-3228. If you're looking to start podcast join today.
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Because of My Podcast They Lost 300 Lbs [1:52]

Today we get a second story from Cliff Ravenscraft (we interviewed him last week) and he shares how his podcast helped inspire someone to lose 300 lbs. How cool it that?

Last 5 in 5 from J.D. Stutter

Happy Camper Radio – Skip & Daniel – happycamperradio.com
The Classic Tales – BJ Harrison – thebestaudiobooks.com
Useless Information – Steve Silverman – uselessinformation.org
99% Invisible – Roman Mars – 99pi.org
The Mic & Denny Show – Denny Brownlee – dennybrownlee.com

Podcast Rewind [9:22]

Dave Appeared on the Podcast Report

Dave appears on the Audience Hacker

Great Example of the Power of Podcasting on Podcast Junkies

Picking a topicPicking Your Podcast Topic [25:38]

I'm using two things I've learned from two people I respect. Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, and Michael Hyatt is a king in content creation that connects.

Choosing Your Topic – Idea Matrix

What are things you like?

What are some things you are good at?

What are things other people say you are good at?

What are things you hate? (don't talk about these)

What Will Your Podcast Do?

I am ________ . (what do you do?)
I help _(target audience)_______ do or understand ________ so that __(how they benefit)_____

for me it might be:

Dave Jackson
I am a teacher
I help intimidated adults overcome their fear of technology so they can impact a global audience in a positive way for both parties.

If you would like more free content about this topic check out the show about making sure your podcast goals are aligned with your goals


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