Glenn the Geek Hebert (from )shares what he learns from talking to “Radio People” from Podcast Movement. We discuss being more focused with our podcast, so I bring on Addy Saucedo who is the author of The Podcast Planner ($37.99 on Amazon) and we talk about how you have less stress and more downloads by having a better plan for your podcast.

This is episode 583 of the School of Podcasting and originates from

Dr. Ryan Gray Stops Practicing Medicine to Do Podcasting Full Time

Dr. Ryan Gray shares how he has left his medical career after his website and podcasting that has grown over and over the years, and he is now doing consulting full time on helping people survive medical school, and he published his first book, “The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview: Be Prepared, Perform Well, Get Accepted.” 

His goal is to change the culture around medical school so it's not so competitive.

Check out his podcast at and

Glenn Hebert on What He Learned from Radio Veterans at Podcast Movement

5:44 In today's discussion with Glenn we hear how:

  • Radio veterans are jumping into the podcast pool
  • The current issues with automated advertising
  • How podcasters who want to podcast for profit need to learn from radio people and be ready, be prepared before pressing record.
  • How Glenn keeps his integrity with sponsors
  • How Glenn uses his audience to make decisions on what happens and is featured on his show.

Podcasting With Laser Sharp Focus with The Podcast Planner – Addy Saucedo Interview

22:25 Here is the description of the Podcast Planner from Amazon: The Podcast Planner: Podcasting Guide With Templates To Help Podcasters Consistently Plan, Record and Publish
Finally, a planner for Podcasters! It provides everything a Podcaster needs to be organized, motivated and happily podcasting. Successful Podcasters know how to consistently plan, record, and publish their podcast, and with The Podcast Planner, you can too! Buy it at Amazon

Check out Addy's website at 

In today's chat we learn:

  • Addy was helping people start and edit podcasts, but they keep podfading (quitting)
  • How podcast planning can help you ensure your content resonates with your audience.
  • How podcasting is hard, but it can be less stressful with a plan.
  • A podcast compass guides you to your goals and purpose
  • What to do if you're not sure who your audience is
  • How the podcast planner can help with an Interview show
  • How using a podcast to promote her book has brought more sales, and more email subscribers, and more speaking gigs.
  • The importance of reviewing past episodes
  • Why paper may boost brainstorming activities

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