Where is Podcasting Going in 2010?

Well I’m going to state the obvious. Yes iPods and portable media players are wildly popular, but after purchasing a Droid phone, I now see clearly how everything is going to end up on your phone. I’ve known this for years, but didn’t really “get it.” I used a program called “Google Listen” on the droid to stream (and download) podcasts. No iTunes needed, no computer synchronization. It wasn’t super easy to subscribe (so that hasn’t changed), but I can see now where everything is heading. I just see it getting there faster. There is talk of the droid phone really taking off in 2010, I guess well see.

What this means is I’m sure there are some plugins for WordPress that make your site ready to view on a phone. I’ll be looking into those, as more and more people will be browsing the web on their phone. With more ways to consume our content, we can start thinking of ourselves as “content producers” not so much as “podcasters” as eventually ipods and phones may be one and the same (they kind of already are).

Lastly, I’ve had many people come through school of Podcasting. I had one person ask why the registration fee has gone up over the years. The answer is simple: there is more information at the school than there was in 2005 when it started.

checkmark But what about those students that have “graduated?” If they were to resubscribe they would have to sift through the previously viewed material to get to the new stuff. “Hmmm…” I thought. So I had an idea of creating a “sister” site to the School of Podcasting. Instead of having all the tutorials available for a monthly fee, you could order lessons on a per title basis (allowing people to only pay for what they want to learn). This sounds like a good idea to me, but I’m curious to see what your thoughts are on the subject?

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