Branding and Marketing Your Podcast: Lauren Nelson Interview

Today on episode 543 we talk with fellow podcast Lauren Nelson who is the Marketing Manager for She produces the audio drama podcast “The Box” and shares her insights on how podcasts can boost their marketing efforts to stand out.

Realize there are no rules to podcasts. For Lauren she takes as much time as she needs to tell her story, and that's it.

Your iTunes artwork is your first impression, have someone who is a graphic person create yours.

Consistency can boost your brand by never missing an episode, or by announcing (if you take a break) your planned absence.

People may want t-shirts, mugs and other “Swag” items, so keep this in mind when making your artwork.

The Apple company broke the rules in their advertisements (so have companies like Old Spice)

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Think about how “a show about nothing” is one of the top televisions shows of all time.

Lauren's Favorite Marketing Podcasts
Smart Passive Income
Marketing Over Coffee
Duct Tape Marketing

Special Podcast Marketing Guide

Go to free guide promoting your show, and your design needs.


Emerald City Production has a special going on right now they will edit/assemble your show and make it sound amazing. The first four episodes are only $15 each, after that the price goes to $40 (still a good price). For more information go to

Blue Yeti – A Hands On Review

The Blue Yeti is quoted WAY TOO MUCH as a great podcast microphone. It is a condensor microphone, and if it is not used properly it can make really bad recordings. It can pick up what is right in front of it, what is behind it, or everything around it. You want to “Cardoid” setting for your best  recording of a solo podcaster (cardoid = record what is in front of it only).

To avoid sounding like you’re in a tunnel, you need to turn the gain down and get close the microphone. When you do this, you will have what most people call “popping p’s.” When you say words that start with P’s, B’s, H’s, etc air the from your mouth goes into the microphone. The solution is to purchase a pop filter. Due to its unique size you need a specialized pop filter. You can buy the Blue Pop Filter for $59, or you can grab a perfectly good one for $22 from Auphonix . Another thing you need is a shock mount. The reason for this is ANY touching of the desk that the Yeti is sitting on will pick up the vibrations. So you can purchase the shock mount from Blue for $56, or this one from from Auphonix for $30. So the price of a Yeti goes from $89 to somewhere between to $141 to $204. The shock mount is going to need a stand, so I recommend either the Rode PSA1 ($99) or the Heil PL-2T ($130)

This is why the Audio Technica ATR2100 is the Best Podcasting Microphone NOT the Blue Yeti.

The Audio Technica us a dynamic microphone (which means it will pick up less noise than the yet)

While the stand that comes with the ATR2100 is very simple, it will pick up less thumping (but I would still recommend a shock mount. This unit is a shock mount and pop filter in one for $9.

Because it's more of a “traditional” microphone you are a little more open to pop filters and shock mounts.

The ATR2100 works via USB and XLR ( can work with a mixer) so if you’re flying solo, or need to plug into a mixer you’re good to go.

So to get the same features you would need a Blue Yeti ($199), Pop Filter ($22), Shock Mount ($30), so would be out $251. Where is the ATR2100 is $77, the pop filter shock mount is $9, so you would be out around $86.

Podcast Glossary “G”

Grageband is a free software on the Macintosh platform that can be used to create a podcast. While great looking and equipped with some powerful tools, I feel it works for assembling podcasts, but not the best for editing out “Ums, and ya knows.”

“Glenn the Geek'd it”
Glenn “the Geek” Hebert runs and is doing a great job getting advertisers on his show. He gets sponsors to help promote his show and other actions. An example Jim Collison got a sponsor to pay for a custom app and said, “I Glenn the Geek'd it.” To hear Glenn talk about his techniques check out

Podcast Rewind

Podcast Roundtable “Getting Your Show Out To Your Audience

The Pub “Investigative reporting costs thousands of dollars

Because of My Podcast – My Network Has Grown

Nick Snapp of the The “Make it Snappy” Productivity Show has had his network of resources and friends grown since starting his podcast. He even got to Puerto Rico with a film documentary and film John Lee Dumas of Check out Nick's Show at

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
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