Is podcast production getting stale? It seems you either do a solo show or an interview show. The big networks do narrative style, and next week your Granma is launching a true crime show…

Patrick Keller from the Big Seance show wanted to know if anyone was ignoring those “Podcasting Best Practices” and if so, why? (Please note podcasting best practices are subject to a wide view of opinions).

Thins we learn:
How long should your podcast be? As long as it needs to be and not a minute longer? The question might be, “how long can you hold their attention?”

You don't have to publish on a regular schedule.
You don't have to pull a clip from your interview to play at the beginning of your show
You don't have to explain what your show is about as long as you hook your audience.

When in Doubt Ask Your Audience

In all of these examples, you hear how the podcaster took information from their audience to make changes.

If The Question Starts with “Can I… the Answer is Yes”

I have had people ask questions be confused when you suggest that you can do a solo show – as in – you don't have to do an interview show. If you want to try something with your show, it is your show and you can do whatever you want.

Now keep in mind freedom of choice does not mean you are free from the consequences of your choice. This is why you can use something like Google Forms to do a survey of your audience and make an informed decision.

Embrace the Freedom

If you are a solo show, embrace the freedom that you can do whatever you want (I'm assuming you're not an idiot who wants to speak obvious hate speech, sell interviews, etc). If you want to make a short show, a long show, a weekly, monthly, etc show. You Can. 

Don't Overthink it

How do you know if a recipe is good? You ask someone to taste the dish, and ask for feedback. If they answer you, “It needs more salt” you take that feedback and make adjustments. You don't get offended you accept the feedback, make our adjustments and ask for more feedback.

My Podcast Best Practices

Identify WHY you are starting this podcast. What do you look to get out of it.
Identify who it's for.
Publish on a regular schedule (so you become part of their routine)
Get LOTS of HONEST feedback before going public.
Be listed in ALL directories.
Have a page on YOUR site where people can subscribe/follow your show.
Record a few episodes and track the amount of time to make an episode, then pick your schedule.
Keep your artwork simple and your letters HUGE.
Make sure you have the three things that every podcaster needs. (see the episode).

When it comes to formatting, length, content, and delivery, is all up to you.

Ready To Start Your Podcast

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Patrick from the Big Séance

Kim from The Pharmacist's Voice

Gary from The Everything Everywhere Show

Bill from The Strokecast

Mark from

Mark from The History of North America

Scott from What Was That Like

Karen from Just Grow Something

Matt from the Author Inside You

Paul – Fighting Through Podcast WW2 History

Todd – Guardian Downcast

Dave – School of Podcasting


Question of the MonthThis month the question is from Matt Rafferty  The Author Inside for You show and he wants to know:

The question is, “What is your Next Podcast going to be about?” Not your next episode, but your next SHOW. We all know it is hard to have just one…

If you're sticking to just one, explain that as well.

Leave Your Answer at

Deadline is 11/25/22

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