So many podcasters think there are only two podcast formats for your podcast: solo and interview. Today I share additional formats that you may choose to use with your show. We also talk about ways to spice up your show for maximum impact. We also have a “Because of My Podcast” story.

Six Different Podcast Formats:

1. The Solo Podcast Format

The good news is there are no scheduling conflicts when you are flying solo. There is no need for remote recording. You can buy a Samson Q2U and get going.
The downside of this is, well, everything is on your shoulders (which does make it easier to make decisions). If you don't have a team, this can feel overwhelming, and that is normal.

2. Co-host

Now you have a co-host that you need to schedule time with (that can be a hurdle).
TIP: Pick a date and time when you will record and stick with it. Then schedule your life around it.
Check to make sure your co-host has the same passion for the topic. Also make sure you sit down and have the awkward conversation who owns the show and what each person is expected to continue. Also make sure both of you have decent equipment and you will be doing a remote recording with a tool like Libsyn Connect, or Squadcast.

3. Panel / Roundtable

The pros of this format is more perspectives for your content. If each person promotes the show, you have more of a promotional team.
The cons are again, scheduling. Also, if people are not in the same room, you again are talking about remote recording

You need someone to be the moderator to ensure everyone gets to voice their opinion.

If you are in the same room, you will get “bleed” in your channels. Do what you can to minimize, but know there will be some bleed (A noise gate in post-production can help). Also, the Rodecaster has the effect built-in).

4. Narrative

This is sometimes called NPR style. You have pieces of a story that you stitch together with narration. The good news? When I do this style of episode, I almost always get feedback.

The bad news is this style takes more time.

5. The Hot Mess

Yes, I'm joking (kind of) here, but I hear A LOT of podcasts with no direction, bad audio, uneven volume levels, and to many tangents to count.

The pro is you save a ton on planning equipment, hosting, etc.

The cons are, these are the podcasters who keep asking, “How do I grow my audience?”

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6. Audio Drama

Audio dramas can be very powerful. They trigger the theater of the mind. People that listen to audio dramas LOVE audio dramas.

The cons are casting people to read parts, sound design, scheduling, remote recording, etc. I (IMHO) the hardest format due to all the moving pieces.

Mix and Match Styles and Formats

You can do a solo show that does the news. You can have co-hosts that focus on education to help you learn. I did a roundtable episode about Should Podcasters Have an Email list and I used the tool called Rumble Studio. I asked them all the same questions and then spliced their answers together in a narrative style.

The bottom line is there are no rules, and what works for me may not work for you and your audience so experiment and PLAY.

If You are Unsure of Your Content – You Don't Have to Release it.

When I learned how to drive, I spent much time in a parking lot of an empty store. There was no traffic. I didn't go anywhere, but as time went on I got more comfortable behind the wheel, and eventually was ready to go out on the street. Your podcast can be the same way. Spend time talking into your microphone and recording it. You get more comfortable behind the microphone. Have a “Truth-telling” friend let you know when you're ready to pull out of the parking lot of podcasting and get out on the street and release your content to the world. I can help.

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