In today's show we answer questions about YouTube and RSS, we talk about Podcasting Stats, and I review the Broadcasting Studio Microphone Boom Scissor Arm Suspension Stand Desk Table Universal Mic Mount DJ Radio Griffin 

I also talk about the latest episode of the Podcasters Roundtable where we talk about Podcast “Competition.”

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YouTube and Podcasting

I have a question for you.  I am starting up the Theme Review Show podcast in January.  I was going to start it over the summer but I realized that it was kind of weird to do an audio podcast about something innately visual.

What I decided to do was to produce an audio review like I was initially planning, but I am also going to do a supplemental video tour of the given theme that would basically be a screen share showing the theme and talking about what I like/dislike, and how to build a site using the given theme.  I am creating a specific youtube channel for these videos and will point back to my site.

My question is:  If I embed a youtube video into my shownotes, would that end up in the podcast RSS feed?  I don't want to do that because the idea of the videos is to drive traffic to my blog from the podcast.. and youtube.  How would you organize something like this?

Answer: I have done this on Weekly Web Tools where I put a youtube video and an audio file. I place my url to the media in the box provided by the PowerPress plugin. It has never caused an issue. Some tools you may look into to monetize the videos is Viewbix or Leadplayer (UPDATE: Leadplayer is no more)

Sound Boards for Android Phone

Adam from the Laptcast wanted to know if there are any Soundboard for Android. I was unaware of any so until Mark in Russia clued me in. He likes this one Read his full review of this one and two others here

Podcast Stat Packages – Podbean Advertising

Bill Hutchinson wanted to know if Blubrry stats are better than Libsyn stats. I had previously mentioned and for free stats. When you compare and stats they are similar. You can see them in a video I did about how awful podbean is.

I mention how podbean places a preroll in your show when you sign up for their advertising program. The pre-roll stated that you could get 1000 downloads for $1.

Understanding Podcast Subscriptions

If there weren't tools like iTunes and the new Podcasts app from Apple, I would have to visit 71 different web pages to see if there were any new episodes. This is one of the most powerful features of podcasting. Now when I fire up whatever software you are using (iTunes, Pocket Casts) it checks all of those websites for me.

Podcast Gear View

Broadcasting Studio Microphone BoomBroadcasting Studio Microphone BoomI just got a new boom arm for my wife to use. There are mic boom arms that cost over $100

This package includes:

The arm
A mic cable
A shock mount

for $65. I love it and it seems very durable.

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4 comments on “Podcast Gear – Soundboard Software – Podbean Stats – Podcast Competition
  1. Andy says:

    I agree that podcast catchers are nice. But I never end up sticking with it. Instead I use Google Reader for everything. Blogs and podcasts. Very convenient on computer or mobile phone.

  2. Thank you for the mention Dave.

  3. Jay says:

    I was just getting ready to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a Heil boom arm and shock mount for my microphone when I listened to this podcast. I followed the link in your show notes for the Broadcasting Studio Microphone Boom Scissor Arm but couldn’t quite believe my eyes. $65 for a complete package including the boom arm, mount, shock mount, mic clip and XLR cable? Well, I ordered it through your Amazon affiliate link and it arrived today. I have to tell you that you were right on point to recommend this amazing piece of gear. It holds my Heil PR 40 mic perfectly and saved me almost $200. What a great value. Thank you for finding this and sharing it with your listeners.

  4. Dave Jackson says:

    Thanks Jay. I’m glad I could help

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