We lost Dan Miller a few weeks ago, and Dan was someone who I always walked about smarter after talking to him. I had him on the first episode of the Grow Your Community show, and today I'm replaying that episode. I also learned that Lee Silversteen who appeared on episode 539 has run out of options in regards to battling his cancer. So this episode is a bit “dark” but, well, sometimes life is dark…

The question of the month returns next week.

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About Dan Miller

Dan is the author of the books 48 Days to the Work (and life) You LoveNo More Dreaded MondaysWisdom Meets Passion, and more (check out his author page at Amazon).

His podcast is always bursting with common sense and insights that are often missing in today's business leaders. Dan speaks the truth based on his decades of helping entrepreneurs meet their goals.

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About Lee Silverstein

Lee Silverstein was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 13 years ago. He started the podcast he needed to hear when the doctor said, “You have cancer.” He has inspired MULTIPLE podcasts, and his legacy will live on long after Lee. From his Facebook page, Lee recently posted:

I feel it’s time to make this official. After close to 13 years there are no more treatment options available to me. 
I have begun in-home hospice service.
I’m quite comfortable and not in any pain.
I have far outlived any oncologist’s predictions and I'm grateful for that.
I’m at peace and have no regrets.

You give a podcast to a teacher and they see it as a tool to help people learn.

You give a podcast to a marketer and they see it as a too tool to sell.

You give a podcast to a guy with stage 4 colon cancer, and he sees it as a tool to inspire. (and he did).

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