In today's show we talk about podcast media kits. How to make one, what tools to use, and what to do if you're number s are on the low side. We hear about a free software horror story, we hear what five podcass Miss Ilene has been listening to and I talk about the worst audio I've ever heard.

Because of Podcast – I'm Seen as the Media [1:50]

Brian at the where he produces the Survival Guide for Christian Men will be attending a promise keepers event as part of the media. He will be doing interviews and hopefully get to chat with some of the speakers. Kevin from the is celebrating 100 episodes and says he has been able to:

  • connect with Yes fans across the globe (including places like Latin America, Australia, Indonesia and Japan!)
  • interview up-and-coming progressive rock bands
  • interview book authors and Yes-related website owners
  • interview a former live member of the band
  • apply for a press pass for the Yes concert in Birmingham next year (I'll let you know if that comes off!)
  • be rated one of the top 20 personality podcasts in the UK in the 2012 European Podcast Award
  • start a side career as a professional podcast producer (launching a new education podcast in September)

Tips On Creating a Media Kit and Getting Demo Equipment [5:53]

If you are looking to demo products on your podcast here are some tips.

  • Contact the marketing department, not the sales department.
  • Give them  the ability to stop the review if its bad.
  • Let your audience know that you didn't buy the equipment (honesty is still the best policy)

Tools I used. You can get great download stats from both and

You can get audience surveys at and (I believe Libsyn has one as well). You can make your own using the Surveys plugin.

When Making a Podcast Media Kit Here are Some Items You Can Include

  • A description of your podcast
  • How often you publish
  • Who Listens (demographics):Age, Gender, Education, Marital Status, Household Income, Number of Children
  • What do they buy online (so use the tools above to ask those questions of your audience)
  • Any notable quotes from the press, or from listeners from iTunes
  • Your rating in iTunes
  • Total number of downloads (ever, per year, month, episodes, etc). and provide these numbers
  • Total number of monthly unique visitors to your website.
  • Total number of RSS subscribers
  • What sponsorship includes (what type of advertising, where it will be located)
  • About the host(s)

Lead With an Impressive Number

When I looked at podcast media kits, many people quote the “total number of downloads” which looks impressive and makes a good first impression. You can always wait for the potential sponsor to ask how many downloads per episode that means. Whatever you do, do NOT inflate your numbers. I could say the Feeding My Faith podcast has 4000 downloads (in reality I'm getting about 200 downloads per 20 episodes). It is more impressive to hit people with 4000 downloads than 200. Again, this is NOT false. Its true. The goals it to make a good first impression.

If You're Podcast Doesn't Have Impressive Numbers Then…

If you don't have a large amount of downloads (over 1000, typically over 8000) how do you sell your podcast? You sell the podcasting platform instead.

Explain the power of Podcasting such as:
Edison Research 2010
71% of Podcast listeners visit a sponsors website.
40% purchased a product
37% have used a promotional code
28% have listened to a podcast. Approximately 70 million.
67% of podcast listeners listen in their car
2006 11% Listeners 23% in 2010.
Awareness has doubled since 2006

Check out Edison Research from 2012 and 2011

Remind the potential sponsor of the steps it takes to subscribe to a podcast which shows the audience commitment to the content.

Make sure that whatever contact information you use goes to a email or phone number that is checked.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Podcast Sponsorship

If you inflate your  numbers to a sponsor they will:

  • Not get the results they were looking for
  • Not resign another podcast deal with you
  • Potentially not sign a sponsorship deal with any podcaster

Paint Yourself in the Best Light [29:30]

I saw where ROJS Media was hiring a telemarketer to try and sell advertising on their podcast. When I Googled “ROJS Media” it brought me to the Reach Out Job Search podcast. With this in mind, I’m connecting dots with assumptions here (but in looking at the site I’m 99% sure its the same people).

In looking at their media kit, I see a few things that stand out. In February 2011 they had almost 200 live listeners. In March 2011 that went to 86 and continued downward. Likewise their download numbers have fallen off from 10,000 to 239. I’m not sure this is going to inspire people to sponsor your podcast.

Offer Options

If you offer podcast, email, and website options for sponsorship you can offer a package deal. You can also offer a percentage discount (i.e. 15%) for purchasing multiple episodes.

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Podcast Questions and Answers [40:00]

Bill from had an issue with free skype recording software. Check out

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10 comments on “Podcast Media Kits
  1. Dan Franks says:

    Hey, loved this episode because it was really applicable to me and my situation. Was curious, in your opinion, what should be the minimum download size prior to shopping around a media kit?

    Thanks for the great content!


  2. Thank you for the tip Dave. I just purchased and downloaded PowerGramo pro though your link and will have a go with that when I interview him again. Down the track I would love an external recorder and mixer set-up, but for now it’s a bit out of my price range …

    Thanks again Dave.

  3. According to John Lee Dumas (entrepreneur on fire) big sponsors are looking for 8,000 per episode. But if you have a niche audience you can find someone, and there is always affiliate marketing as well. – Dave

  4. Thanks for including my 100th show feedback, Dave. It’s always a thrill to hear my name on the podcast. Keep up the great work and the best of luck with the new group coaching – it sounds really good.

  5. Angel Burch says:

    LOVED the show…ok I love every show you do. I have learned so much that I am implementing every time I do a show. I am a DJ from the old radio days…ok – not THAT old, but let’s just say I have history with Clear Channel already LOL. Anyway, switching from radio broadcasting to podcasting has been a bit of a learning curve for me. I have my own equipment and do ok, and only 3 months in I have over a hundred loyal listeners, so here is my question: What do you think about someone like me using my VO talents to do “commercials” for other podcasters as a way for them to get advertising on other podcasts? Does that make sense? In radio we would be proprietary of the ad but in podcasting the rights could go to the buyer and they could use it as a way to get the numbers up? I think it would help my cause as well – I am just not sure of “podcast etiquette” if there is such a thing. Would love your opinion.

  6. You might check into a service like Music radio Creative where they have a pool of voice over artists. So you would make a Promo for their podcast to be played on other podcasts? (that’s how I found Mike at music radio creative – )

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