In December, we looked at why some podcasts become part of the listener's routine (and their favorite podcast). Today, we are looking at the other end.

When it comes to podcasts, the goal of any podcast creator is to captivate their audience and keep them engaged. However, there are many reasons why listeners may choose to unfollow or unsubscribe from a podcast. In this episode, we will explore what makes listeners tune out of a podcast and how podcast creators can avoid these pitfalls. We will look at common issues such as poor audio quality and how extended chit-chat at the beginning may be causing people to tune out.

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02:43 Paul from Fighting Through World War II Memoirs Podcast

04: 49 Orlando from the hablando de tecnologia

06: 42 Carrie Bock from Hope for Anxiety and OCD

08:36 Dan from the Dan Smith from the Honest Management Show

10:40 Heather from the Politics Free show

12:19 Seth from Geekville Radio
and Classic Wrestling Memories

17:04 Kris from the Kris and Kristine show

19:59 Paul from Pass ACLS

23:38 York from Welcome to Earth Stories

25:36 Beth from Unraveling Adoption

26:30 Sarah from Kind Leadership Challenge

28:49 Mark from The history of North America Podcast

29:59 Todd from Guardian Downcast

31:53 Kim from The Pharmacist's Voice

36:34 Neil from Recovery Coast to Coast

39:59 Lee from the Covert Nerd and You Choose Podcast
(Lee your Squarespace expired! and there is no way to contact you)

41:34 Steve from Steve Stewart and the Podcast Editor Academy

Out Top Pet Peeves

  1. Get to the Point (23%)
  2. Unlevel Knob Turning Volume (18%)
  3. Lack of Editing (15%)
  4. Bad Audio (13%)
  5. Ads / Host That Sound Bored (tie) (10%)
  6. Swearing / Apologizing (tie) (5%)


55:08 This month's question is from Jacob from the Old Men – New Games. When a host has English as a second language and may occasionally mess up a word or two, Is that a no go? Do you listen or immediately back out?

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