I came across Kent Convington's Fast Lane Podcast University Podcast and I liked the content I was hearing. I was lucky enough to have Kent ask me to be on his show. Then he did something only one other person has done. He asked for a pre-interview.

He started off by asking about any stories in my life and my career in podcasting. If I wasn't so long winded it would've lasted about 15 minutes, but because I rambled on a bit, it probably lasted 34. Kent was looking to craft a story. Not just have me rattle of stats. He was looking not just for facts and stories, but interesting stories.

This also got me thinking about what my “best material” is, and a few days later when we recorded the interview I was prepared.

Today I return the favor and ask Ken to “pull back the curtain” and explain what is going through his mind when he does a pre-interview.

Behind My Podcast Curtain

You will hear what little I do as a “Pre-interview” (something I may change in the future). I typically tell people who they are talking to, why I brought them on the show, and what I plan on asking them about. With Kent, there isn't much information about him online so I had to do some digging into his background to see how he got into podcasting.

How Kent Does a Pre-Interview

Kent is on the lookout for stories, and things to enable the audience to not only get to know the guest but to find entertaining stories.

He is looking for items that will help paint the mental image, the vivid pictures inside the “Theater of the Mind.”

What are the biggest hurdles?

What is the most memorable moment?

Tell me about a time when _____ happened.

You are looking for the challenge and conflict.

Polishing the Stories using  The Ladder of Abstraction S. I. Hayakaw ( explanation )

When to do a Pre-Interview

Profile Interviews: Designed to help tell the story of the guest

Advice Podcasts: Where an expert is on to share tips and insights.

Across the Table Interview: You are looking for the truth. Less of a team approach.

So Many People Have a Podcast About _____

If you're worried about starting a podcast because “so and so” is “sooooo popular” and “owns” the niche. That is like telling the Quarterback in High School to quit because they will never be as good as Tom. Well if Tom quit because he would never be as good as Joe Montana, then we wouldn't have Tom Brady today.

Don't obsess over what other people are doing and instead focus on your audience. Realize we all have different strengths and different passions.

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