Today I asked my audience how full is their playlist? When it comes to podcast saturation, where are you? Are they looking for more shows? Happy with the Current Line up? Or are you already behind on the shows you follow? Is it harder to grow a podcast today than, say 5 years ago?

I also talk about an Evernote alternative (as their price is going WAY UP) and how when things evolve, some will like it and some won't, do what is right for your show, and your sanity.

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00:01:10 – Do People Have Room For Another Podcast?
00:01:38 – Ethan Reese
00:02:26 – Ralph Etep Jr
00:02:46 – Jim Collison
00:03:13 – Kris
00:04:25 – Mark Vinet
00:05:21 – York
00:07:56 – Dave's Take
00:10:07 – Tangent: 3 Percent
00:11:20 – The Importance of Episode Titles
00:13:45 – Evernote and Changing Your Focus (
00:16:15 – When You Change Your Show Changes
00:17:07 – The People Who Don'y Like You
00:17:54 – SNL Is Not For Me…
00:21:17 – Because of My Podcast: Live Well and Flourish
00:22:15 – Happy Episode 100!
Podcast Coach In Your Pocket00:23:39 – AI Goes to College
00:23:50 – The Return of Michael Hyatt
00:25:29 – Question of the Month
00:26:30 – Live Appearances
00:27:02 – Podcast Rewind: Jay Franze
00:28:21 – Consulting Giveaway
00:28:41 – Start Your Podcast
00:29:44 – Bloopers
00:30:25 – RIP Bob Heil

Podcast Giveaway

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Podcast Rewind
Dave appeared on the Jay Franze Show 


Each month, I ask you to chime in on the show so we all can learn together. Be sure to tell us about your show and mention your website.

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