On today's show we hear about some podcasting statistics, we talk with Rob Greenlee about pocasting at Microsoft and his new “New Media Show” with Todd Cochrane, and he recently interviewed some people who are looking to connect podcasters with sponsors.

Podcasting Statistics From Blubrry.com

This was a sampling of 69.7 million audience listens/views across 17 genres.

*Desktop applications, such as iTunes, 36.7%
*Smartphones and mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod and Android, 30.3%
*Web browsers, 18.3%
*Tablets such as the iPad and Nexus 7, 8.8%
*Mobile applications, 3.2%
*Smart TV / OTT set-top boxes, 2.7%

Percentage of consumption by client:
*iTunes (desktop applications), 27.4%
*iPhone (smartphones), 22.8%
*iPad (tablets), 8.7%
*Android (smartphones), 7.1%
*Firefox (Web browsers), 4.8%
*Google Chrome (Web browsers), 4.1%
*Internet Explorer (Web browsers), 1%
*All others (100+ other clients), 24.1%

Percentages by platform:
*Windows, 35%
*iOS (iPhone and iPad), 30.9%
*Mac OS, 16.5%
*Android, 7.7%
*Linux, 2.5%
*Other, 7.4%

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/business/prweb/article/RawVoice-Podcast-Statistics-Media-Consumption-4475559.php#ixzz2SWvRlJTS  

Podcasting at Microsoft

Today we get an update from Rob Greenlee who explains how podcasting has moved from the Zune platform to the Xbox and is built into the software of a Windows phone. To get your podcast listed, send an email to Rob with your RSS feed to podcasts “at” microsoft.com

Rob also talks about podcastone.com platform for connecting podcasters with advertisers.


Lead Pages Boosts Your Podcass iTunes Subscriptions and Reviews

A new service has been created to help podcasters get found in iTunes by drawing attention to their podcast listing, and by strongly encouraging people to write a review about their podcast. It's called Lead Pages and it's $37 a month (less if you buy a year at a time).

The “old school” part of me wants to say “we've never done it like that before.” On the flip side it strongly encourages people to subscribe in iTunes and leave reviews. Here are some points on this tool:

1. It draw attention to your iTunes listing which would lead to more downloads, which would boost your iTunes rankings.

2. It strongly encourages people to leave a review which will also boost your rankings in iTunes.

3. You can supply a reward to people who have taken steps one and two.

Part of me says, “The law of reciprocity makes people want to do this for you.” On the other hand if a tool helps you promote your podcast, is there anything wrong with this? Does it seem to “Internet Marketing” for you? Here is a video spotlighting the service.

[leadplayer_vid id=”518873360E97E”]

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2 comments on “Podcast Statistics, Lead Pages, and Mobile Themes
  1. Ileane says:

    Hey Dave!
    Another great episode with lots of good info. Thanks for the shout out and I’m glad you are going to give Lead Pages a try. I’m going to use it to help conduct some training sessions for bloggers and budding YouTubers. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

    Thanks for the show Dave I always enjoy listening!

  2. I agree with your perspective of the Lead Pages thing for iTunes reviews. It also misses the giant fact that not everyone uses iTunes.

    If you go to your SpeakPipe settings, you’ll see a Javascript link that will look like this:

    Send a voice message

    This makes a text link that works on iOS.

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