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I read about this on Leesa Barnes' blog how Terry Fallis won 10,000. He previously couldn't get an agent (which he now has). Congrats Terry.

I mentioned today that Todd Cochrane had said a typical podcast episode is “done” after 72 hours. I miss spoke, while this is true in most  cases it is not in all cases (especially if you material is not timed based). But if your podcast is (for example) news related, people may not want to listen to 6 month old news stories. You can hear Todd's presentation at Podcamp by going to

Thanks to George from for reminding me of this point.

The CEO of Wizzard Media is predicting 1.5 – 1.8 billion downloads, and double to four times the ad spending of the past year for 2008. (source: )

How Do You Record a Skype Interview?

In the past I've said “get it off your computer” and use a portable recorder. This still  is the safest way. However, I've been using and many people at the School of Podcasting are using Power Gramo which you can download for a free trial. The nice thing about Power Gramo Professional is it splits the interviewer and interviewee into separate channels (which makes editing the interview easier). I then use Skype (using Skype Out) to call people's phones. It's better if they have a skype account, but not 100% mecessary

Skype is Not Always an Option
In some areas there is no cable modem connection to the Internet. What do you do in that case is get some sort of “JK Audio” product. You can find these at BSW. These can be expensive. For microphones and such I like as they do not charge tax (unless you are in NJ).

Podcasting Time Saving Tip
One of the most time consuming parts of podcasting is organizing and posting your show notes. Did you know that you can put your show notes in WordPress (or and save them without publishing them to the public. Then when the show is finished, you can take out any part of your notes that don't fit, and BOOM! instant show notes. The key to this is to NOT click the publish button, but to click the SAVE button. Then when you are rady (and your audio/video is link to the post) click the publish button.



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