Podcasting for Profit

Podcaster Wins 10,000

This show originates at www.schoolofpodcasting.com This is show 143. I read about this on Leesa Barnes’ blog how Terry Fallis won 10,000. He previously couldn’t get an agent (which he now has). Congrats Terry. I mentioned today that Todd Cochrane had said a typical podcast episode is “done” after 72 hours. I miss spoke, while…

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One to One Podcasting with Paul Colligan

In the episode we interview Paul Colligan of www.paulcolligan.com who has created a new Premium Podcast Solution that you can find at www.onetoonepodcasting.com This solution has three difference levels (including free), that allows you to have a private podcast, sell your podcast, sell a digital product, have an affilaite program, and and and .. (it…

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