I asked the question:

Are you podcasting? If so where and why?

If you quit podcasting, why?

If you haven't started yet, why?

Matt from the Author Inside You

Sleep Whispers Podcast

Simple Money Solutions

Steve Stewart Podcast Editor

Jeff had a blog that didn't get traction (for every 2000 blogs there is ONE podcast), he wants his show to be perfect (if you miss perfect you land on really good), is it viable to spend more money (we spend money on bowling, golfing), and what about Web Hosting? I like Site Ground and Cooler Websites. For media hosting use Libsyn and use the coupon sopfree to get a free month

Jenny from Studio Chaotic

Derek From Life after Sight Loss

Darwyn from Dealing with My Grief

David from the Magic and Steele (he's the guy taking all the missing E's)

Chris from Dad Spotlight

Gabe from Guys and Food

Brad from Cinema Guys

Sean Slept in Government Class

Hilda From Wise Traditions

Cheri From Creation Science for Kids

Jonathan from Trivial Warfare

Bill from the Chameleon Breeder

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