Planning, launching, and growing a podcast can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and advice from experienced podcasters, it is possible. Veteran podcasters like Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins, Kristen Meinser, and Jordan Harbinger have all successfully launched and grown their podcasts and have valuable insights to share.

We hear about the planning, shaping, and bumps and bruises of launching from the new host Allen Corey and Crystal Hammond of their spin-off show Stacking Deeds.

Great Podcasts Don't Happen By Accident

In today's show you will hear where there is more than just picking a topic. A topic doesn't not equal “a show.” What are you going to do to be different than all the other podcasts talking about the same thing you are going to be talking about? That is not an easy question to answer.

Also, if you're new to podcasting, getting comfortable behind a microphone can take some time. One of the biggest mistakes is people finally get a finished mp3 and immediately publish it without getting any feedback. That is a huge mistake. There are rough drafts for authors, pre-season for athletes, and dress rehearsals for actors. You typically don't go public with your first attempt.

Success Is On The Other Side of an Awkward Conversation

As someone who supports podcasters, I've seen my share of ugly breakups between co-hosts. You need to set expectations and make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. This way, there are no surprises. Here are more of the great insights from today's show:


Take Aways

Sometimes a “No” is a Not Now.

Your podcast can bring you opportunities.

Diverse attitudes, experiences, and insights lead to a diverse audience.

Ensure that your show's first five minutes inspire people to want to hear more.

Joe truly appreciated the feedback that provided ways to improve his show.

Listen back to your show to catch mistakes you may have missed.

Learning to edit your show improves your relationship with a future editor.

They didn't release the first thing they recorded.

How they improved after a “brutal conversation.”

The Importance of incorporating listener feedback into the show.

Advertisers are Partners that You've already worked with.

Start building relationships before you launch your show and build your network.

Know a person who knows the “WHO” in the industry and reach out.


This month's question comes from Louis Goodman of the Love Thy Lawyer Podcast, who wants to know if you are listening to any podcasts via Paid subscription. If so, what so and why. If not, please provide any insights. As always, be sure to mention your show, a little bit about it, and your website address.

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