Podcasting Pet Peeves of My Listeners

Once a month this year, I'm going to ask you a question and use those answers for an episode. I want to understand you more and in general, get a better understanding of what you like and dislike.

This month I asked, “What are those things that make you go “Uggh” when listening to a podcast. They might make your even unsubscribe.

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What Makes You Unsubscribe From a Podcast?

Failure to Get to the Point

4:10 Haley Redke (Adopteeson.com) is not a fan of not getting to the point, and people that interrupt their guests.

5:33 Tracie Bonnick also hates when the podcast hosts hate it when the host of the podcast doesn't let the guest talk

6:05 Glenn the Geek Hebert of Horse Radio Network was on Podcast Junkies and said he hates it when the podcast hosts just runs down a list of questions

6:39 Brian Weber (bartenderjourney.net) hates it when people don't get to the point

7:15 Ishamael Colderon – Hates long intro

7:43 John Wilkerson (www.strugglingforpurpose.com ) hates a super long intro

10:00 Daryl hates a ton of ads at the beginning (Joe Rogan?) as in three minutes of nothing but ads.

11:00 James Aaron of https://2middleageddudes.wordpress.com/ hates people talking to hear themselves talk.

11:53 From new Father Daniel J Lewis (YEAH NOODLE BABY) from the Audacity to Podcast said, “I go “ugh” when a conversation with a guest starts with “getting to know you” stuff. I don't care about the guest's background until after I care about their message.”

12:40 Riding the Volume Knob

13:10 Kathe Kline from Rock Your Retirement goes nuts when she has to keep adjusting the volume

14:30 John Hilman hates it when the hosts and guests have WAY different volume levels.

15:50 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast – Four People Around One Microphone makes her turn off the show immediately.

17:20 Kuldrin Fire (kuldrinskrypt.com ) hates the word “Right” and having to ride the volume knob, and he hates when hosts put down other hosts.

19:50 Inside Jokes

20:15 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast when they forget they have new listeners and talk about things from past episodes

20:53 Mark Des Cotes from the Resourceful Designer  (and http://solotalkmedia.com/)hates it when TV Show podcasts refer to the actress name only (and not the character)

22:23 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast hates people who are not authentic and giant commercials.

Experts Who Don't Know What They're Talking About

24:00 Connie From the Small Business 101 Podcast couldn't believe the advice she heard about starting a business

27:00 Hall of Fame Podcaster Danny Peña from Gamer Tag Radio hates it when Podcasts about Podcasting promote the importance of New and Noteworthy (see newandnoteworthy.info )

27:30 Cedric Green hates it when people Curse.(cookingwithceddy.ws – coming soon). It unprofessional and you can't listen to it with kids in the car.

28:35 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast judges harshly when easy-to-remove ums are not removed.

30.17 Michael Blakston (Road Noises Podcast) hates mouth noises

32:00 Boomy Room Noise

33:14 Cheri Fields (Christian Science 4 Kids) had some shows that were so boomy she couldn't understand the podcasters due to the room noise

35:07 Nivek Thompson of Real Democracy Now Podcast – hates when the host sounds like they are in a barn.

35:50 Chris Hache (chrishache.com) – If your podcast is not pleasing to my ears you are gone!

36:25 Things You Say That Drive Me Crazy

Try Price (Completely Comics) hates when a podcaster will “be right back.”

37:12 Rob Kerns from Living the Vet Life – When a podcast is filled with complaints, but there are no solutions proposed.

38:55 Steve Stewart – hates it when people don't edit, and when people kinda, sort of, maybe, think about, taking action.

41:27 Cheri Fields (Creation Science 4 Kids) The ultimate pet peeve is when people can't listen to your show cause it doesn't work.

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1 comment on “Podcasting Pet Peeves of My Listeners
  1. Mark King says:

    Love this episode. Only THE Dave Jackson can pull off an episode that includes a clip from a BDSM podcast (how’d that song go again Dave?) and also a clip from somebody that does a creation science podcast! Nice job on the diversity front Dave.

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