Stuff You Should Know Podcast Featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution mentioned that two guys in their 30s recording in a studio in Atlanta. The Podcast is Stuff You Should Know.

The article mentions that it is number 7 on the “Best Podcasts of 2010? list in iTunes. What does that get you? Well according to the article you get 3.8 million downloads in the month of November.

The podcast start in 2008 (so if you’re thinking that only podcasters who started in 2004/2005 have huge audiences because they were “first” – think again).

Listen to the podcast here

Leo Laporte in the New York Times

Another podcaster (Dan Klass being another one) has been featured in on the pages of the New York Times. Leo Laporte (the man behind the twit network) has a story about him and how he is building an empire.

Here are some fun stats:

This Week in Tech,” which is downloaded by a quarter of a million people each week. He produces 22 other technology-focused podcasts that are downloaded five million times a month. He also streams video all day long that captures his podcasting and a weekend radio show on computers, “The Tech Guy,” that reaches 500,000 more people through 140 stations.

Leo Laporte’s Podcast Advertising Rates

Leo’s rates start at $40 per thousand listeners, TWIT’s ad rates are among the highest in American podcasting and are considerably higher than commercial broadcasting rates, which are typically $5 to $15 per thousand listeners.

Here is a link to the full story

Here is a link if you want to start your own podcast

Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

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