Today I will answer the questions that I receive on a regualr basis.


Podcasting News:

Popular Science has launched a Podcast caled Futuropolis listed “On Air DJ” as one of the the top 12th jobs on the brink. Speaking of that, CBS Radio eliminated more than 200 positions in companywide layoffs this week, including an unconfirmed number in Chicago

Ira Glass now owns This American Life. The interesting thing is this artcile mentions that he has 22 employees.  In March 2014, This American Life ended its relationship with PRI, who had served as the show’s distributor since 1997, flexing its muscles in a way that suggested long-running intent towards independence. Speaking of employees on the latest “But wait theres more” episode of Startup, Alex Blumberg states that he has a staff of 19 people to produce three pdocasts and they are making 2 milloin dollars this year (and spending 2 million).


How much does it cost to start one?

$91 Mic, Stand, Pop filter

$60 Mixer

$20 Libsyn (use the coupon sopfree)

$8 Hostgator

$60 Artwork

$24 Intro MRC



Xbox One, 500GB Hard Drive $342


What Microphone

The Audio technica 2100, 2005, or a Electrovoice RE320. I hear good things about the Heil PR40 as well. I like the EV RE320 as no matter where my mouth is, the tone doesn’t change (with other microphones the close you get the bassier it gets).


How Long Should it Be?

As long as it should be, and not a minute more. Vallery Geller in the book Beyond Powerful Radio says, “There is no such thing as too long, only too boring.” This is proven by Dan Carlin’s Hardcore history which can run around 3 or 4 hours and published irregularly.


How Often Should I Publish

As I previously mentioned Dan Carlin’s show, you should publish a podcast that consistently delivers value, and impacts your audience. However, if you can establish a schedule that your audience can count on, they will make you part of their routine. My advice is record a few test shows so you can fully understand the work it takes to create a podcast, THEN pick your publishing schedule. While you will hear people talk about doing multiple episodes a week, keep in mind these are multiple shows that deliver value.


Where do I get Music For My Show?

I like Audio Jungle


Can I play Music in My Podcast?

No. Not Legally?

Do People do it? Yes

Will it get you banned from iHeart Radio? Yes


What’s the Best Media Hosting?

Libsyn Great stats, ease of mutli location publishing.

Blubrry – Great Stats, Ease of Publishing your podcast

Spreaker – Good stats, built in audience.

Podbean – OK Stats,


(Use the coupon sopfree at Libsyn, Blubrry, or Podbean to get a free month). 

Can I Use my Web Host as My Media Host?

You can, but should you? No.

Listen to SDR Show. It took him 6 weeks to get shut down.


How Many Downloads Should I Have?

Take the value the value you provide and multiply it by the effort your put forth to promote it, and there is your number. For the average Joe, it should be between 10 and 200 downloads per episode.

Here are my download numbers:

Ask the Podcast Coach 250

Jillian Michaels Fan Cast 2000

Building a Better Dave around 300

Marketing Musician 600

Weekly Web Tools 325

SOP 1600

Feeding My Fatih 150

Wost Podcast Ever 10


How Do I Grow My Audience?

Figure out who your audience is

Make content people want to talk about that impact them

Go to where they

Make friends

Tell them about your Podcast

Make it easy to share


Sounds like a lot of work.

Simple, not easy.


If I Write a Review for you in iTunes will you Review Me?

Why are you asking a stranger to review your show, why not ask your audience?


No, I mean I want you to Review my podcast?



Should I Buy?

A Mixer?

Do you have more than one person in the room with you?

Are you adding music and sounds live?

Are you interviewing people over skype?



How Do I Record Skype or Interviews without getting too Technical

Ecamm Call Recorder

Callburner on the PC. – I do not recommend. Try

If you understand Skype on a PC, have your guest use Skype on their smartphone.

Worst Case Scenari, (but it will sound like the phone).


How do I find guests for my show

Help a Reporter .com

Radio Guest

Ask your guest. New Releases


How Do Make Money With My Podcast

Create a show that delivers Value

Attract and audience.

    1. Sponsors
    2. Sell Products
    3. Sell Other peoples products (affiliates)
    4. Speaking Gigs
    5. Membership Sites
    6. Donations


  • Better insights into your audience.



How Do I Get Sponsors For My Show

Provide content a sponsor would want to put their name on.

Get 5,000 downloads (preferably 20,000) per episode

Create a Media kit explaining who is listening, how many there are, and explain how engaged they are.

8% of people have this number

Look into Affiliate marketing, or smaller companies.


Daily Podcast Tips

Daily Podcast Tips! Put Your Inbox to Work

About the Author
Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
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  1. Great episode, Dave – even for an experienced podcaster. By the way, one of the samples you played from Jewel Beat is the music for one of my podcasts 🙂

  2. DAVE! Thank you for this episode! I’ve been listening on the commute home today. I’m so glad you got show notes in here. We’re launching our podcast at work soon, and I’m definitely using this page as a reference!

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