How Should You Celebrate Your Podcast Milestone?

Melanie from the Beer with an Engineer show likes to throw a party for her listeners

Brad from the Cinema Guys loves milestone shows – loves where people take small clips from past shows (or breaking format to do something special)

Terry Noorda from the Discovering America podcast brought his family on the show

Brian from Engaging Missions hasn't really done any kind of special episodes

Kim from Toastmasters 101 is going to pass on anything special

Stuart from the Great Escape is going to have a special

Scott Johnson of the What was that like? show doesn't do anything special and prefers to focus on the audience

Seth from Geekville Radio has done clip shows.

Thomas from Multiverse Tonight made a special graphics and is changing his format

Because of My Podcast

Craig from Ingles Podcast did a study on podcasting and was able to present it at the largest event in his industry. Check out his show at

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I haven't taken the temperature of my audience in a while, and you should do that. So we are going to do this in audio format

What do you like about the show?

What do you fast forward through (dislike – I have thick skin)

What is your perfect length for an episode?

What would you like to hear in the future?

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1 comment on “How Should You Celebrate Your Podcast Milestone?
  1. Great episode, really love all of the ideas other podcasters are using to celebrate milestones! My podcast, Weird Darkness, doesn’t celebrate number of episodes because I post almost daily. So I decided to celebrate the anniversary of the show… which is every October. Last year I dedicated the whole month to raising money for depression and suicide prevention, raising over $2,000. And then the last day of the month, Halloween, I broadcast the podcast live on YouTube outside and told ghost stories as trick-or-treaters stopped by. I loved interacting with the kids, letting them say hello to my audience in the camera, etc. The unpredictable aspect made it a great night and I received a LOT of feedback from fans telling me how much they enjoyed it and hope I’ll do it again this coming October/Halloween.

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