In this episode, we look at podcasts on YouTube. YouTube explains how EVERYONE is doing a podcast on YouTube (consider the source). So, I wanted to hear from actual podcasters and see their use of YouTube. I gave them three options:

A) Are you not using YouTube at all?

B) Are you creating static videos?

C) Are you creating full videos?

I also talk about a way to find more content using YouTube even if you're not making videos.

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Finally Tally

I Don't Use YouTube 3%

I Create a Static Image Video 42%

I Create Full Videos: 54%

The bottom line is if you have the time, budget, and willingness to add a bit more complexity to your podcast, be on video. Just realize you don't HAVE to be on video.

Different Shows – Different Uses

It seems like many people were using Libsyn (free for a month using the coupon code sopfree) to convert their audio to video and push it to YouTube as a Static Video. If your media host doesn't have the ability to send audio to YouTube, there are services like Flexclip. You can also submit your RSS feed directly to YouTube for free.

Some of the responders explained how their shows were very visual, and while they liked to describe things in detail for audio, having a video option seemed to fit. Others who didn't want to appear on camera went one step above a static image and used multiple images to keep the story moving.

Ultimately, it's your show, and everyone has different motivations for using YouTube. One respondent was doing it for his children so that when his passing happens, there will be a video of him for their children.

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Chapter Markers:

00:01:15 – Opening
00:01:15 – People HAVING to Do YouTube?
00:02:04 – How Are You Using YouTube?
00:02:30 – Dan – Based On A True Story
00:05:17 – Max – Aviation News talk
00:07:37 – Craig Ingles Podcast
00:09:15 – Kim – Pharmacists Podcast / Perrysburg
00:11:34 – Zo – Backlook Cinema
00:13:30 – Mark –
00:14:49 – Ralp – Ask Ralph Podcast (Finance)
00:16:06 – Bryan Relaxed Male
00:17:17 – Paul – Pass ACLS
00:18:52 – Rich – Two Grumpy Vets and a Dude
00:20:36 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:21:37 – Your Podcast Website
00:21:55 – Ronnie – Dancing is Forbidden
00:24:46 – Todd – Guardian Downcast
00:28:07 – Tim – Create Art Podcast
00:31:25 – Dave – Walking is Fitness
00:33:27 – York – Welcome to Eartch Stories
00:36:05 – Dave's Thoughts
00:37:30 – Check Consumption Rate
00:39:55 – Using YouTube To Check What Topics are Popular
00:41:44 – Question of the Month
00:42:43 – Live Appearances
00:43:17 – Future Episodes
00:44:13 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:44:13 – New Chapter
00:45:02 – Blooper

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